Why Gordon Ramsay Thinks A TikToker's 'Next-Level Cheeseburger' Would Upset Italy

Celebrity chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay doesn't often hold back from offering his opinions on anything related to food and the art of cooking. Here's one example: In 2020, he evaluated a potato gnocchi dish on social media — that was prepared by his own daughter, Holly (via Today). 

Basically, Ramsay criticized Holly's cooking skills in front of the world on TikTok, calling her out for not peeling potatoes before boiling them. When he saw Holly attempting to mash the potatoes, he shouted, "No, stop it! You're not mashing because they're not even cooked properly." At the end of the clip, a grumpy Ramsay told his kid that she should "know better." Ouch. To be fair, Holly had asked her dad to share his thoughts on her dish and even told him, "I switched up your recipe."

Ramsay is back again with another critique on TikTok. This time around, he's annoyed with someone combined pizza and a burger in an attempt to create an innovative dish. 

Ramsay is not impressed with this pizza burger

As a part of his TikTok series #RamsayReacts, Gordon Ramsay posted a video clip critiquing a cooking demonstration and wrote a simple caption, "#Pizza does not belong on a #burger." The celebrity chef looked visibly annoyed as he watched a man making a "next-level" cheeseburger and proclaimed, "A pizza burger? There's no such thing!"

As he watched the cook adding cheese and pepperoni to the patties, Ramsay blurted out, "No...stop it!" He was clearly displeased with the fusion dish and was sure that its lack of authenticity is bound to agitate some viewers, especially Italian ones. "What are you trying to do, upset Italy?" he added.

However, he may have been mistaken about the pizza cheeseburger's popularity. Many commentators wrote that they think it looks rather tempting, and a couple of fans even challenged the chef to cook his "own version" of the dish. One impressed TikToker even wrote, "I will be making this for my extremely picky kids tonight." Hear, hear.