Dairy Queen Just Made Its Biggest Menu Change In Over 20 Years

Every once in a while, Dairy Queen tweaks its menu to fit the season or the times. Last year during spring, the fast food chain made a few changes to its menu, like bringing back the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone and rolling out frozen drinks like the Choco Hazelnut Chip Shake and the Mint Chip Shake, per Taste of Home. While these offerings gave customers some new options at the chain, the menu shakeup might not have felt groundbreaking.

The restaurant chain now plans to shake up its entire menu with the biggest revamp that the chain has seen in about 20 years. TODAY reports that Dairy Queen plans to make diners think about burgers when they walk through the door with a new line of Stackburgers that come in five different topping combinations. The sandwiches, which come in the form of ⅓ or ½ pound burgers, come on the heels of an entire menu revamp that kicked off with the brand's chicken strip changeup. Dairy Queen started adjusting its burger recipe back in 2019 when it altered the bun texture and brought in white cheddar and sharper American cheese for its sandwiches. All of this has led up to a rollout of five new burgers that Dairy Queen hopes to entice customers with.

A new look for Dairy Queen's burgers

According to TODAY, diners across America can expect to enjoy Flamethrower, Loaded A1, Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe, Two Cheese Deluxe, and the Original Cheeseburger as part of Dairy Queen's permanent menu. Fox Business reports that diners everywhere should be able to order these new items immediately, with the exception of Texas locations. Dairy Queen has tailored each burger to effectively fit its name, as seen on the chain's online menu. The Flamethrower comes with spicy Flamethrower sauce, jalapeno bacon, and Pepper Jack cheese, alongside lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun, while the Loaded Steakburger features steak sauce, peppercorn sauce, crispy onions, Applewood smoked bacon, and more. 

The Two Cheese Deluxe burger gets topped with two types of cheeses amongst other classic toppings like lettuce, tomato, and pickles, while the Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe features all of the same items, plus the addition of bacon. Anyone who wants a simpler burger can also select the Original Cheeseburger. This menu shakeup has the potential to bring Dairy Queen into the modern fast food era, but only time will tell if diners latch onto the new burgers.