Cadbury Just Named The Cutest Therapy Dog As This Year's Bunny

Securing a top place in Cadbury's "Bunny Tryouts" is harder than it sounds. Despite what its name implies, the brand's Clucking Bunny commercial is open to animals of all shapes and sizes — as long as they can bring the spirit of Easter and can rock a pair of bunny ears (via Allrecipes). The winner is always sure to bring joy to lovers of Cadbury chocolate.

In previous years, winners have included a frog and an English Bulldog. The contest has been running for four years now, and this year, the judging panel was extra special because it featured all three of its past winners (via PR Newswire). In addition, Cadbury made a substantial donation to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of $5,000 and pledge an additional $5,000 extra for every 5,000 votes cast in the competition by the public, up to a total of $20,000. The company succeded in reaching its goal and donated the full amount to the nonprofit organization.

Known for its Easter sweets, Cadbury is particularly selective in its choosing of a "bunny" every year. This year's competition. was no exception.

Annie Rose knows how to rock some bunny ears

The Cadbury brand team and the judging panel came to the decision of selecting a dog named Annie Rose of Ohio as this year's winner (via PR Newswire). The English Doodle, who also works as a therapy dog, had the support of the community members she serves. Though she may not be an actual Easter bunny, she brings lots of joy to the Cincinnati nursing homes she frequents, making her the perfect contender for this prized title — not to mention, she totally embodies the spirit of Easter and looks amazing in a pair of bunny ears.

Some of this year's finalists also included Will O' Wisp, a white polydactyl cat from Texas, and Sprinkles, a sugar glider from Utah (via Cadbury). Cadbury made its announcement of its winner early in the day on March 29. On the brand's Instagram, the winner was announced with a post of Annie Rose with an Easter basket of chocolate in her mouth.