Here's How To Get In On The Limited-Time M&Ms-Milk Bar Cookie Drop

Chocolate lovers may be pleased to know that Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi has partnered with candy giant Mars for a limited run of cookies made with M&Ms. According to a press release issued by Mars, the cookie was created to celebrate the candy company's latest offering: M&M's Crunchy Cookie.

The new cookie includes Crunchy Cookie M&M's, of course, plus mini chocolate chip cookies embedded in a vanilla cookie base.

Only 100 of these cookies will exist. Why so few? They're all "hand-baked" by Tosi herself. The limited-edition cookies will not be distributed via sweepstakes. Rather, they will become available at an undisclosed moment for anyone to claim on a first-come, first-served basis. To be notified of the cookie drop, you should either follow M&M's on social media or sign up on the M&M's website to receive a notifying email.

If you do miss out on the M&M's x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie, don't despair. The email will also include a recipe so you can bake them at home. Alternatively, you can watch Christina Tosi's Bake Club on April 4, where she will take to Instagram to walk viewers through how to whip up the treat.

The cookie serves a promotional purpose

Another way to stay informed of when the Christina Tosi cookie collaboration will be available is by scanning the QR code found on a bag of Crunchy Cookie M&M's. This means more people will probably be buying this new M&M's product. That's more or less the purpose of the cookie, it seems. But what are the candies actually like?

Almost a year has passed since M&M's Crunchy Cookie was first announced. On April 4, 2021, the world learned of mini chocolate chip cookies coated in an M&M's shell. Think Peanut M&M's, but with cookies instead of nuts.

Sonal Dutt, PEOPLE's food and lifestyle director, was one of the first people to try the new release and described the candy in ad-appropriate language: "They're really good. They're the perfect mix between crispy M&M's and chocolate chip cookies."

However, a year later, not even the most rapturous review could keep an M&M's flavor at the front of the public's mind. After all, Russia has invaded Ukraine and Will Smith just slapped Chris Rock. However, using a celebrity chef like Tosi to help promote the product just might do the trick.