TikTok Is Losing It Over Jack In The Box's 'Racist Karen'

It's hard to deny that fast-food employees have difficult jobs. They often have to deal with long hours, strict managers, demanding customers, and high-pressure situations at work, all without losing their cool. And it doesn't help that there are certain customers — widely known as "Karens" — who make life difficult for fast-food employees with their incessant demands and public meltdowns. 

Reddit is full of examples that demonstrate how tricky it is for fast-food workers to deal with such customers. One Redditor highlighted their experience with someone who asked for a cheesesteak sandwich with all the ingredients before getting annoyed about the fact that the sandwich had cheese on it. Her argument was that the menu didn't specify that there would be cheese in the sub and she assumed that it would only include onions and peppers. The exasperated Redditor wrote, "Ma'am. it's a Cheese Steak. cheese is in the name. she made me remake it for her."

A TikTok video shot at a Jack in the Box outlet got millions of views recently after it was revealed that a male "Karen" created a scene at the fast-food restaurant and allegedly verbally abused the employees, per the Daily Dot

It was a pretty serious incident

Things escalated at a Jack in the Box outlet after a male "Karen" got offended for unknown reasons and allegedly picked a fight with the staff members. A witness shot a couple of videos and posted the footage on TikTok showing the customer shouting as he argued with the employees and told them, "That's what I thought, bi***. Sit the f*** down, you work at Jack in the Box, bi***." 

An annoyed employee apparently threw drinks at the irate customer and even punched him after he attempted to put his head through the window. The customer also used a racial slur before walking away from the store. The TikToker who posted the clip wrote in the video description, "He did all that to get 3 drinks thrown at his face ... I know his girl was embarrassed."

Viewers weren't sure how to react about the video. One person commented, "People like this made me quit customer service," while another TikToker wondered what would happen to the staff member who punched the customer. They wrote, "... You know he's gonna sue and likely win cause of that punch."