Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Divided On Its New Spring Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies manage to transform some very simple ingredients into a delicious confection. According to Preppy Kitchen, these bite-sized treats differ from sugar cookies due to the fact that sugar cookies use eggs and other ingredients to create a lighter cookie, while shortbread cookies taste less sweet, have a denser texture, and usually taste noticeably more buttery.

The divide over textures and flavors could divide any cookie fan, and Trader Joe's latest product plans to further drive this wedge between shoppers. Instagrammer @traderjoesfoodreviews recently discovered that the grocery chain carries shortbread cookies covered in chocolate and yogurt icing and gave the festive cookies an eight out of ten. 

They generally loved the find, saying, "The chocolate itself is dark chocolate, with actual pink and white cookies throughout, and pastel-colored sprinkles on top. I thought the cookies may have been overkill, but I absolutely loved the texture and the added crunch mixed with the creamy chocolate. The dark chocolate itself was pretty good, but I almost wish it was milk instead! Either that or a little higher quality to make it more rich and creamy. This chocolate bar would be absolutely adorable in an Easter Basket!" The product, which goes for $2.99, has attracted the attention of the user's followers, but not everyone feels as enthusiastic as the reviewer.

A shortbread cookie with mixed opinions

Many users love the find, and denizens across Instagram jumped in with, "I looooved this one!!" and, "Oh my. As someone who loves dark chocolate and frosted cookies I can't wait to try this!!" Others chimed in with, "I thought this was pretty good! I think it would be better as a white chocolate," and, "This is the cutest chocolate bar I have ever seen." Others felt less taken by the product and replied with, "I liked it but for $3, it should've been better. I probably won't buy it again," and, "I wanted this to be just a bit sweeter, the bitter chocolate contrasted a little too much with the cookies for me and I kinda wished they'd done like, a semi sweet chocolate, even though that's not common for chocolate bars. I feel like milk would be too sweet though."

This find has attracted some serious attention from social media and definitely has shoppers talking about it. Unfortunately, those who love the product might run into difficulties, as one user responded with, "they already discontinued it :/" Either way, this divisive cookie has Trader Joe's fans talking.