The One-Of-A-Kind Dunkin' Store That Just Opened

Over the years, Dunkin' has seriously expanded on its coffee and donut empire. According to the company's website, the chain currently claims 11,300 restaurant locations across 36 countries. Since the restaurant opened back in 1950, this world domination is impressive, but no matter what part of the globe you frequent, you won't see much variation between the average Dunkin' stores.

According to Delish, the original Dunkin' stores easily fit the times. These locations allowed commuters and other patrons to drop in throughout the day and grab a quick bite and cup of coffee. The brand quickly decided to franchise out new locations, standardizing designs, creating new restaurants focused on efficiency, and giving the rush hour crowd a place to fuel up before work. 

In 1980, the brand opened its largest location in Bangkok and encouraged its customers to sit down and relax. While the menu for the fast casual restaurant is ever-evolving, its brick-and-mortars seem pretty consistent. One new location, however, plans to turn this entire idea on its head, and just might make you reimagine Dunkin' entirely.

A new look for one Pennsylvania Dunkin'

Dunkin' has truly stepped into the 21st century with its latest location. PhillyVoice reports that the chain has opened its first digital-only store in Cherry Hill which gives customers an innovative way to grab refreshments before starting their morning. The location only plans to service customers who use the Dunkin' app or one of three kiosks located inside the restaurant. Payments have also gone digital, so customers should plan to ditch cash and instead pay with a credit or debit card, or a Dunkin' gift card.

The digital store plans to offer contactless pick-up but does have two drive-thru lanes to service patrons who don't wish to leave their car. While the front-of-house operations appear to be automated, the store still staffs human employees, who have the sole mission of quickly and efficiently filling orders in the kitchen. 

This isn't a small operation either. The store plans to employ 40 people, making it a serious undertaking that could potentially redefine how customers view Dunkin.' The new design also fits in with the brand's plan of expansion in order to increase its convenience for shoppers. This may prove to be highly successful or it might make the list of Dunkin's biggest fails of all time. Either way, we are here for anything that leads to quicker coffee.