Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To A Breakfast Table Near You

Videogames and cereal have gone hand-in-hand for years. According to Comicbook, Kellogg's released a Pokemon tie-in cereal in the early 2000s that came loaded with Pikachu marshmallows. Pac Man and Donkey Dong also made appearances on the front of cereal boxes with their own signature breakfast staples. Cheerios even used Sonic the Hedgehog to promote their brand and even offered fans the chance to win a Sega Genesis game console by enjoying the cereal.

While Sonic made a cameo on the front of Cheerios back in the day, the character never got a true moment in the limelight with its own cereal. All that now looks to change. Game Rant reports that Sega and General Mills have teamed up to create a new line of Sonic-based foods, including a new cereal. While Sonic fans need to keep their eye on this product's release, any casual fans and lovers of the game might raise some questions over the design of this particular cereal.

A Sonic movie cereal tie-in

According to Game Rant, the cereal features ring-shaped pieces of cereal that feature a honey taste. On paper, this sounds a lot like the video game icon's Cheerio promotion, but this cereal comes into its own thanks to the inclusion of emerald and "spindrift" marshmallow pieces. The cereal launches alongside a new set of fruit snacks that also bear the Sonic brand, but General Mills hasn't offered too many details about this other snack.

The cereal aims to promote the premiere of "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" which hits theaters on April 8. Fans of the franchise may want to get their hands on this breakfast staple sooner rather than later. Due to the fact that the product hits shelves as a movie tie-in, General Mills hasn't announced any long-term plans for the products. Once the hype dies down around the franchise, you might not see the cereal again. Either way, this product breathes new life into Sonic as a cereal icon since its earlier Cheerios cameo.