Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Unexpected Popcorn Flavors

A ton of popcorn flavor variations have popped up over the years. Diners who have gotten tired of regular buttered popcorn have experimented with parmesan popcorn, garlic herb popcorn, and even truffle popcorn, per Insanely Good. Others have tried out sweet combinations and had luck with birthday cake popcorn, Snickers popcorn, and marshmallow popcorn (via Top Teen Recipes). The flavor floodgates have truly opened for this snack in recent years, and Aldi plans to join the fray with one of its latest offerings that has social media buzzing.

Instagrammer @adventuresinaldi stumbled upon Utopia Market's Mozzarella Tomato Basil Popcorn and Jalapeño Lime Popcorn, and had to take a picture of the discovery for their followers. They captioned the post with, "Okkkk flavored popcorn, I see you! I could get down with either of these flavors!! The mozzarella basil is the most intriguing to me tho for sure. What about you?! Have you tried either of these?!" Fans immediately chimed in with their thoughts and couldn't stop praising the find.

A new look for Aldi popcorn

Followers on Instagram loved the new popcorn flavors and quickly jumped into the comment section. Replies ranged from, "Jalapeño lime, they are actually really good not spicy at all but if you love lemon you'll love them," all the way to, "The jalepeño lime are pretty good, not real hot but the taste reminds me of those hint of lime tortilla chips." The Jalapeño Lime Popcorn saw the most love, with others simply saying, "Jalapeño lime," followed by several fire emojis. The new offerings did manage to entice a few Instagrammers, who commented with, "Ooooo!" and, "I'd try it!"

The post managed to win over its fair share of followers and got a handful of users excited about the new flavors of Aldi popcorn. The word's out on how these new flavors stack up against truffle popcorn or Snickers popcorn, but no one can deny that the post has galvanized a few folks into trying these new flavors out for themselves.