Pizza Hut Just Hopped On The Hard Seltzer Trend For April Fool's Day

If you feel like hard seltzers are everywhere these days, you aren't wrong. Ever since White Claw went viral in 2019, says Business Insider, more and more brands have been trying to get in on the action.

Hard seltzer is essentially a mix of carbonated water, flavoring, and alcohol, considered by many to be a healthier option than other alcoholic beverages like beer. Don't get us wrong, hard seltzer is no replacement for water or juice, but it does have fewer calories and less sugar than drinks like wine coolers or cocktails.

Hard seltzer's drinkability and nutritional makeup resulted in many people grabbing White Claw and Truly, hoping to get drunk quicker and end up with a less severe hangover than they'd get with hard liquor. Hard seltzer comes in many flavors, and tends to have a fairly sweet taste, even if it's not technically as sweet as more sugary fare. But if you like your booze more on the savory side, you might get a kick out of Pizza Hut's latest announcement.

Who wouldn't want to drink marinara-flavored hard seltzer?

With its April Fool's post, Pizza Hut pretty much wiped out the quickly-fading hard seltzer trend (and mopped the floor with it). The chain posted a joke advertisement for Hut Seltzers on Instagram to mess with fans.

"Sip on your Pizza Hut favorites with our new line of seltzers," the ad proclaimed. And what exactly are these seltzers? Ranch Water, Marinara Splash, and Buffalo Breeze. Thankfully, the chain noted that the ad was just for laughs.

Fans got out a kick out of the post, some even carrying on the joke. One person commented, "I want that Garlic Sauce seltzer," to which Pizza Hut responded, "It's the Ranch Water for us!" Several people were honestly interested in the boozy beverage concept. "I would actually like to try the Buffalo Breeze if you could remove the joke and create one for me," one person wrote. As Texans know, Ranch Water is in fact a real drink, but thankfully, it bears no resemblance to the dressing.