Wendy's Just Brought Back Its $1 Breakfast Deal

Breakfast is often touted as the "most important meal of the day," with WebMD listing some of its benefits, such as kick-starting your metabolism, providing energy, and even possibly aiding in weight loss. However, despite all of the positives that come with chowing down on a plate of eggs, waffles, or bacon during the early hours, it's not always easy to get into the kitchen every morning to whip up a meal. Fortunately, a number of fast food eateries have started serving breakfast, giving those that might prefer getting a few extra Z's in the morning the chance to grab a bite to eat on-the-go.

Wendy's is one popular chain that has been opening its doors in the early morning since 2020, and this month, the purveyors of fresh-never-frozen beef are bringing back a fan favorite breakfast deal. Starting April 1, and for the rest of the month, Wendy's will once again be offering both its Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuits as well as its Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits to drive-thru visitors for the low price of just $1, per a press release on PR Newswire. Here's how you can get yours.

Don't hit snooze on Wendy's Buck Biscuit breakfast deal

On its website, Wendy's describes its Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit as "a fresh-cracked grade A egg on a fluffy buttermilk biscuit with grilled sausage and melted American cheese." Meanwhile, the Bacon, Egg & Cheese version swaps the sausage patty for the same strips of juicy Applewood bacon that come atop the chain's monstrous Baconator. The breakfast handhelds have been met with several positive reviews since debuting on the menu, with one writer at Delishably declaring them as "some of the most delicious breakfast sandwiches I've ever had."

According to Fast Food Menu Prices, ordering either the Sausage, Egg & Cheese or Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuits will typically run you around $2.99 per sandwich before tax. However, for the entire month of April, Wendy's customers heading to the drive-thru for breakfast can grab one of these tasty sammies for just a buck (via PR Newswire). Even if you don't consider yourself a morning person, you have to admit that's a deal worth getting out of bed for in the morning.

Taking part in Wendy's Buck Biscuit deal is easy. Simply head to a participating restaurant during breakfast hours, which are typically 6:30 to 10:30 a.m., and ask for the biscuit sandwich of your choice — or place an order for one through the Wendy's website or mobile app. The price cut can be applied on up to five sammies per transaction and is available for use every day from April 1 through May 1.