Domino's Just Took Pineapple On Pizza Way Too Literally

"Introducing our newest and very real menu item," the Domino's Pizza social media team tweeted on April 1. A picture is attached to the social media post that shows a slab of pineapple laying in a box with tiny slices of pizza on it.

April fools! Unfortunately, it's not a real item at all — but imagine the respect the pizza chain could have gotten for committing to the bit. Anyway, April Fool's Day is when many companies feel obligated to promote a fake product launch, according to Today, which can serve to remind consumers that some mega-corporations have a sense of humor and are indeed down to earth. Domino's is no different.

Some people played along with Domino's Pizza's joke, such as one person who mock-indignantly asked "Pizza on pineapple? Have you no shame?" "I know it's April fools but I'd actually buy that," another murmured. Others neither realized that it was April Fool's nor were down for satirical pizzas, asking things like "Why?????????" 

However, while pineapple on pizza — aka Hawaiian Pizza — can be comical to some, the chain has offered more polarizing pineapple products in the past.

Domino's has gone further with pineapple

Pineapple is such a polarizing pizza topping that the president of Iceland expressed in 2017 that if he had the authority, he would ban pineapples from all pizzas (via Iceland Magazine). However, Domino's has had an even more polarizing idea for a pineapple product before. Moreover, the chain actually sold it.

In 2019, Domino's New Zealand announced on Facebook that for a limited time customers could order its new take on Hawaiian pizza. Namely, the chain added canned spaghetti to it. "​​This is no joke!" the company wrote at the beginning of the post, and reemphasized at the end that this was not some April Fool's prank. "What's better than pineapple on pizza?" one follower asked. "Spaghetti AND pineapple."

This followed a Domino's April Fool's Day Instagram post earlier that year in which the company promised a pizza with spaghetti, tomato sauce, Manuka smoked ham, pineapples, and mozzarella. "Gutted," a response moaned. "No doubt April fools. I would soooo eat this pizza."

For those confused, many New Zealanders love tinned spaghetti. In 2017 when current Prime Minister Bill English made spaghetti-and-pineapple pizza The Guardian described the dish as "a 1980s rural Kiwi classic." One confused redditor asked the New Zealand subreddit about it and learned that adding spaghetti to dishes goes beyond just pizza in the country, as it appears on toast as well. 

And that's no April Fool's Day joke.