TGI Fridays Just Launched Three New Combos For Chicken Lovers

Restaurants across the country have found new ways to dish out chicken. According to Taste of Home, standby chains including KFC, Bojangles, and Shake Shack all offer some fried chicken dishes that seriously impress customers. While these items have easily found their audience, that hasn't stopped some entrepreneurial chains from delving even deeper into the world of chicken.

Some customers love the current chicken options at TGI Fridays. According to Restaurant Clicks, the Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta, Chicken Parmesan Pasta, and Signature Whiskey-Glazed Chicken Strips have all tapped into the poultry sweet spot. 

Despite the chain having stumbled upon a few hit chicken dishes, the brand is going even further to find more ways to dish out chicken and keep customers excited for this popular protein. Chewboom reports that TGI Fridays has come out with a slew of new poultry specials called Chicken Slammer Combos, which tap into Buffalo, Italian and whiskey-glazed flavors to try to connect with customers.

A new look for TGI Fridays' chicken

According to Chewboom, patrons can plan to pick up three new chicken entrees at TGI Fridays. One of them, the Buffalo Chicken Slammer Combo, comes with chicken fingers coated in Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce and served alongside mini New England rolls, a side of ranch dressing, celery, and bleu cheese crumbles, in addition to four boneless Buffalo wings, a side of coleslaw, and fries.

Diners can also choose the Italian Chicken Slammer Combo. This features chicken fingers layered with garlic parmesan sauce with even more mini New England rolls, marinara sauce, and parmesan-Romano cheese. Instead of Buffalo wings, this dish features four Mozzarella Sticks, more coleslaw, and more fries. The combo deals round out with the Whiskey-Glaze Chicken Slammer Combo. Anyone who orders this selection can expect chicken fingers coated in a whiskey glaze with some mini New England rolls, spicy aioli, and sesame seasoning. It breaks the mold by including two Whiskey-Glazed Big Ribs, some coleslaw, and fries. 

These deals only hits menus for a limited time at participating TGI Fridays around the U.S. The combos could prove enticing for patrons who want more chicken in their lives. They also keep expanding the brand's poultry offerings.