The Trader Joe's Nacho Dip You Need To Know About If You're Vegan

Veganism has been on the rise in the United States over the past decade and a half. While it used to be thought of as something of a niche diet, the number of people who are vegan has skyrocketed more than 3000% since 2004, according to Live Kindly. As of 2019, 9.7 million Americans identify as plant-based, according to a report by Ipsos Retail Performance.

Not surprisingly, the food industry has reacted accordingly, with vegan and plant-based alternatives flooding the market in response to this growing trend. While a number of big-name meat-free companies have launched in recent years, like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, even individual store brands have also added more vegan items to their selection. 

Trader Joe's is one grocery store that stocks a wide variety of vegan and plant-based foods on its shelves. From vegan baked goods to sauces to plant-based meat alternatives, the store has plenty of foods for those who keep a vegan diet (via Cadry's Kitchen). And now, the brand has just added another option with the release of its vegan nacho dip.

Trader Joe's new vegan nacho dip has positive reviews online

One shopper couldn't help but share the news about the new product with their followers. "Made from a base of organic cashews and coconut I am sure this is one creamy alternative to regular nacho dip! Make sure you heat it up for maximum flavor! I'm curious how this will compare to the cashew fiesta dip," @traderjoes list posted on Instagram

While Trader Joe's has previously released a creamy, organic, vegan Cashew Fiesta Dip that was a hit with many shoppers, according to Trader Joe's Reviews, this new dairy-free nacho dip is slightly different. It's made with more of a rich, cheesy nacho flavor, and is completely gluten-free.

Many of the fellow Trader Joe's fans on Instagram couldn't wait to taste this new vegan dip for themselves. "Looks delicious! Can't wait to try," replied @samchidester_. "FINNAALLYY!!!! I'm not vegan but I have major dietary restrictions—this bad boy is GOLD! Going shopping tomorrow!!!!" @chynnaalysse celebrated, while @ ann_mahlitz raved "So good!!! Tried it today." 

Veganism's popularity doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon, and it seems that Trader Joe's also has no plans to stop releasing tasty new plant-based alternatives to satisfy this growing need.