TikTok Was Shocked At This Food Allergy Roommate Horror Story

Living with people is never entirely easy, even if it's with friends or people we love. Other people are loud, messy, and have a persistent knack of grossly ignoring personal space. As for cooking, well — do they ever do it? They certainly never clean up their mess if they do.

Sometimes living with others can even become unexpectedly dangerous. While we can strive to befriend everyone we meet, ultimately tolerances are never inexhaustible — and for one TikTok user, a poor relationship with a housemate led to a risky encounter with a food allergy.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 32 million people in the U.S. live with food allergies, so meeting someone who could have a medical reaction to food is quite likely. In a video uploaded to TikTok, user @thempress.von.infinity (who uses the name Thempress) describes how an angry roommate exposed them to an airborne food allergy in order to "assert dominance" — despite knowing the allergen could cause medical problems. In another TikTok clip, Thempress reveals they were also attacked with glass bottles and went to hospital. Unsurprisingly, TikTok users have had a lot to say about the alarming story.

TikTok viewers have been offering each other support

Many TikTok commentators believe the incident should be classed as an assault, or even attempted murder, and appear shocked at the revelation that the suspect is allegedly studying to be a doctor. Users are also speculating that the offender may have a desire to exert control by displaying narcissistic tendencies.

Other TikTok replies have empathized with the situation (reported by BuzzFeed to have involved an allergy relating to onions and garlic) by sharing stories of their own mistreatment as a result of having food allergies, including by family and friends. Viewers are also implying a need to raise awareness of food allergies to protect people who live with them, including through the education of people and organizations.

A further TikTok video details that Thempress reported the incident to police, but was told that officials would not prosecute (leading TikTok users to criticize law enforcement for a lack of action). A restraining order has been granted, however that doesn't prevent the offender from living in the same building.