Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Buzzing Over Its New Spring Cupcake Mix

Despite the winter snap along the East Coast, it is officially springtime. So, we obviously need spring-themed cupcakes. That's why Trader Joe's, with the help of the non-affiliated Instagram account Trader Joe's List, has brought the company's Spring Cupcake Mix to our attention.

"How cute is the cupcake grass topped with little eggs?!" Trader Joe's List wrote in their post. "Clearly spring has sprung at Trader Joe's and I am so excited to fill my [Easter] basket with all the goodies!" For $4.99, you can buy a box of white cupcake mix, green icing, and egg-shaped and caramel-filled chocolates.

According to the nutrition box, about 55 grams makes one cupcake. The box has 655 grams of cupcake supplies within it. So, you can get around a dozen cupcakes.

People seem to like it. Specifically, over 6,500 people have liked it as of writing. "Ahhh!!!" one follower screamed. "Soooo ADORABLE!!!!!!!" A second, presumably deafened, commenter agreed in awe: "Trader Joe's really does it all." Such sentiments found faint echoes in the proliferation of statements that just read "Fun" and "Cute."

Can you buy technique?

Such boxes, however, only supply you with the — well — supplies needed to make the cupcakes. Technique comes separately as one comment on the post joked: "I just know that when I attempted to make these there is no way it would look anything like this lol." After all, the show "Nailed It!" exists for a reason.

Similarly, another potential customer accepted their limitations saying, "If it doesn't come with the little frosting nozzle to make the grass, I don't want it." So, how does one make grass frosting? It does look very difficult. Well, one solution suggested by The Aids Quilt is to buy the grass frosting tips that the limited customer wanted. The article shares ten frosting tips, most of which are called some version of "grass tip."

You don't need to buy a new tip though. According to a Bake It Box hack, you can make your own grass tip by pricking smaller holes in a piping bag instead of cutting out larger ones of a nozzle. However, in the FAQs for the technique, they do admit a rounded tip does make your piping more precise. So maybe you can, indeed, buy technique separately.