This State Has The Most Whole Foods Locations

Since its inception in 1978 under the name SaferWay, Whole Foods has expanded to open more than 500 locations across the United States. Though the grocery chain only operates in three countries (the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom), it has become a household name for its health-conscious options, including organic and all-natural products.

Whole Foods has faced some challenges in recent years. Though it was acquired by Amazon in 2017, some consumers refuse to spend the extra money on the store's notoriously high prices. According to a 2021 Reddit thread, consumers seem to prefer Whole Foods for its produce but agree that its other standard grocery items aren't always worth the high cost. One user suggested they only shop for specialty items that other grocery stores don't have.

Still, the Whole Foods expansion continues. When it comes to opening new stores, one state has nearly triple the Whole Foods locations of anywhere else.

California has more Whole Foods locations than any other state

Those looking to move near Whole Foods might have the best luck by relocating to California. According to ScrapeHero, California boasts 96 locations, which accounts for nearly 20% of the chain's total stores — more than any other state by a landslide. California does have the largest population of any U.S. state, so it makes sense that Whole Foods would want to expand there.

California's number of stores far exceeds any other state's — the next-highest is Texas, where Whole Foods first started, which is home to 36 locations. Massachusetts follows in third place with 33 total stores.

There has been some concern that Whole Foods could struggle in 2022, given the rising cost of inflation causing many grocers to increase prices even further. Plus, with online shopping limited to Amazon Prime members only, Whole Foods could be constricting its ability to cater to online shoppers. Still, though The New York Times reports that Amazon has announced some store closings of its brands this year, Whole Foods is not on the list.