The Truth About Demetrius Baxter From Big Restaurant Bet

"There is a hair thin line between Bax, Demetrius, and Chef Silverback" the musical artist Hosanna Bax wrote for the about section of his Facebook page. Starting on April 5, we can see chef Demetrius Baxter, the culinary side of him who runs the catering company Chef Demetrius LLC, compete against seven other chefs in "Big Restaurant Bet" to win a $250,000 investment from Geoffrey Zakarian.

According to The Source, Hosanna Bax can boast six solo projects as well as a decent amount of singles and features. The latest of these, which was the cause for The Source's coverage, was the album "OG Sh!T." It's also through the Instagram account for Hosanna Bax that Chef Demetrius has been advertising his involvement with the Food Network's latest competition. "UH-OH," he announced, "he made it to @foodnetwork too!!! SOMEBODY TRY TO STOP THIS GUY!"

Despite there being a thin line between them, Hosanna Bax appears to have more of an active presence than Chef Demetrius. An attempt to run a food-orientated Instagram account lasted from February 2020 to April 2020 – when the pandemic may have gotten in the way. As Baxter lamented in a 2020 post featuring a tomahawk steak, "shame this one was only for the family. When this nonsense know how to find me." However, Chef Demetrius predates Hosanna Bax. The Source dates Bax's beginning to 2016 while Open Corporates notes Chef Demetrius LLC was filed in 2012.

Bringing the chef into the spotlight

However, besides the quickly ended Instagram account the only internet presence Chef Demetrius really has is the website for Chef Demetrius LLC, through which you can contact him for personal chef gigs, cooking classes, catering, and consultation services. The food he serves, the about section explains, is influenced both by traveling through East Asia and working in the kitchens of Houston's Timpano, the Valentino Vin Bar inside Hotel Derek, and the award-winning restaurant Reef. 

The East Asian influence can be seen in a demo Chef Demetrius filmed for the YouTube channel Eat This TV in which he makes a Banh Mi. In terms of his catering, the curated testimonials he shares on his website praise his pork tenderloin as a stand-out dish. "He prepared the most amazing brunch for my family and friends, they are still talking about those grits and pork tenderloin," one Danisha gushed. "Who knew I would fall in love with coffee rubbed paprika tenderloin!" Yvonne agreed. Other dishes mentioned are duck breast and sweet potato. With such dishes possibly hidden behind Hosanna Bax's more public pursuits, Chef Demetrius may be an underestimated challenger for the $250,000 Geoffrey Zakarian is offering.