Here's What Happened To Yumble After Shark Tank

Anyone who regularly watches "Shark Tank" knows it takes more than a good idea to land an offer from one of the discernable "Sharks" on the panel. For Episode 1005 of the show, the entrepreneurs vying for buy-in on their business proposals had a unique opportunity. According to Shark Tank Blog, it was the first episode that featured two guest Sharks. Joining panel-regulars Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, and Lori Greiner for the episode were Bethenny Frankel of "RHONY" and Skinnygirl Cocktails fame along with "branding guru" Rohan Oza.

For entrepreneurs, David and Joanna Parker, one of those guest Sharks appeared to bring the duo some luck. After the Parkers pitched Yumble, their healthy meal delivery service made for children, they walked away with an offer from Frankel to the tune of $500,000 for a 6% stake in the company (via Shark Tank Tales). Though the kiddie-meal delivery service was on the receiving end of some good exposure from the episode, the offer it received wasn't exactly delivered as advertised.

Frankel's Yumble offer fell through

Entrepreneurs who brave the "Shark Tank" by appearing on the show and pitching a money-making venture have a shared goal in mind – to receive an offer from one or more of the business-minded Sharks. That is exactly what happened for David and Joanna Parker with their company, Yumble. According to Forbes, after pitching their health-conscious food delivery service fit for children, the Parkers and Bethenny Frankel had a "hand-shake deal ... but the deal never came to fruition."

But, there was good news on the horizon for the Parkers. Forbes reports the pair eventually secured initial investments for their meal delivery service, and it seems the attention they received after appearing on "Shark Tank" even helped the company grow. A look at Yumble's website reveals the company is in business and offering subscriptions including a long list of cooked and ready-to-reheat kid's meals made with "regionally-sourced fruits and veggies" including kid-friendly combos like turkey sausage with eggs, pasta with broccoli, and chicken nuggets with mac n' cheese. The website advertises that subscription boxes even come with fun-for-kids items like sticker sheets, while purchases, of course, add up to a fun-for-adults activity for the Parkers – counting their hard-earned money.