National Burrito Day 2022: Where To Find The Best Food Freebies And Deals

Those who love burritos have a solid reason to rejoice — it's nearly time for National Burrito day, which means that fans will be able to get their hands on burritos at unbelievable prices at some of their favorite eateries. According to The Herald News, it's difficult to say what actually led to the inception of National Burrito Day — no one really knows who came up with the idea, but whatever the case, it's undoubtedly a good day for those who can't get enough of the popular Mexican dish. 

National Burrito day, as a rule, is celebrated on the first Thursday in April every year, which means that foodies will get the opportunity to feast on mouthwatering fast food burritos on April 7 this year. Well-known chains such as Del Taco are gearing up for the festivities and burrito fans can look forward to a few great deals.

Del Taco

Del Taco has a unique offer for its Del Yeah! Rewards members on April 7. For National Burrito Day, the fast food chain will offer its members the opportunity to get their hands on two EPIC Burritos for the price of a single burrito. Per Yahoo! Finance, the company had a similar BOGO deal for its customers in April last year and offered a complimentary EPIC Burrito with each purchase.

Per the brand's website, customers can pick from several options at Del Taco including Epic Beer Battered Crispy Fish and Gauc Burritos, Epic Loaded Queso Burritos, Epic Fresh Guacamole Burritos, Epic Cali Bacon Burritos, Epic Crispy Chicken & Guac Burritos, and Epic Beyond Fresh Guacamole Burritos.

El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco has decided to introduce a bunch of offers for its customers on the days leading up to National Burrito day — per Globe Newswire, the celebrations will begin on April 4 and Loco Rewards members will be entitled to double points on every single burrito that they choose to buy at the outlet, including a new offering from the fast food chain: the Mexican Shredded Beef Birria Burrito.

Meanwhile, on April 5, Loco Rewards members will be able to feast on a burrito for $6 and a large beverage (exclusive of taxes). The offer will be applicable to all à la carte burrito items at El Pollo Loco. Meanwhile, those who choose to purchase an eGift Card worth $20 on April 6 will be entitled to a complimentary burrito while dining at the restaurant (note that this will only be applicable until April 30).

On National Burrito Day, Loco Rewards members at El Pollo Loco will get a complimentary burrito with each burrito purchased at the fast food chain. Plus, all customers will be able to opt for home delivery without coughing up any delivery fees on April 7. 

Moe's Southwest Grill

Moe Rewards members will be able to purchase burritos and bowls for $5.99 on April 7 at Moe's Southwest Grill — this applies to all orders placed on the website, through the app, and at Moe's Southwest Grill outlets across the U.S. Those who aren't members can still benefit from the deal by downloading the app, signing up, and using the reward during the checkout process. 

Note that each order will only be eligible for one burrito worth $5.99. Last year, the company offered a similar deal to its customers and sold burritos and bowls for $5 (via Facebook).


You didn't think Chipotle would miss out on National Burrito Day, did you? The fast-casual chain is offering burrito lovers free queso with digital orders online and through the Chipotle app.

Per an official Chipotle tweet, customers just need to enter the code NBD2022 ("NBD" as in National Burrito Day, obviously) to get the free queso. The code is only valid on April 7, so burrito lovers should take note.