Costco Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About Its Chili

October may be National Chili Month, but there's no need to wait until the fall to indulge in a bowl. In fact, one opinionated writer at Star Courier argued that the warmer months are actually some of the best times of year to chow down on the spicy, beef and bean stew. "The biggest reason to eat hot on hot days is nothing chills you faster than a steamy bowl of chili. Really. You'll note it activates nature's most formidable air conditioner: our sweat glands," they explained.

On the other hand, making chili can be a time-consuming task, not to mention that simmering a pot of it on the stove for hours has the potential to make things uncomfortably warm in the kitchen, resulting in the situation becoming a bit of a catch-22. Fortunately, Costco offers a solution to this dilemma with containers of pre-made chili, which Instagrammer @Costcohotfinds purchased on a recent trip to the big-box retailer.

In a video the Costco fan recently shared to their Instagram account, the social media user picks up one of the 4-plus-pound tubs from their local store, where they cost $3.49 per pound. The video then cuts to the Instagrammer heating up half of the container in a pot on the stove, which they then smother over a bed of fries. "Honestly, this chili is fantastic, french fries or not," the user exclaimed. However, it appears not everybody feels the same.

Some shoppers aren't fans of the beans in Costco's chili

Instagram user @Costcohotfinds recently had Costco shoppers buzzing after sharing their thoughts on the big-box chain's pre-made chili which, according to the Instagrammer, "is made with beef, kidney, and pinto beans, as well as onions and seasonings." Their post has attracted plenty of attention since being shared on April 5, amassing more than 13,000 likes at the time of this article's publication. Several others took to the comments section to share their own opinions of the dish.

"This is so good! Just the right amount of spice, not crazy hot," one person wrote, while another user said that their family liked the chili so much they ended up picking it up twice in one week. But despite this hype, not all Costco shoppers are pleased with the product. "I personally did not like it," one user wrote, while another said that it was "just okay."

One major point of contention was the fact that Costco's chili contained beans. User @realcluedtke found it a major turn-off, writing, "Beans don't belong in chili." The "beans or no beans" debate is one that has long plagued the chili-eating community. According to Southern Living, the state of Texas — where chili happens to be the state food — is staunchly team no-beans, while the rest of the country has mixed opinions on the matter. 

Texan or not, the chili — unlike other Costco foods with cult followings — seems to come down to personal preference.