How One Company Takes Butter Lamb To The Next Level

While chocolate bunnies will soon be making their annual appearance in baskets across the country, Easter Sunday marks the arrival of another animal-shaped treat for some homes. According to Food & Wine, using butter shaped into adorable little lambs is an Easter tradition with roots pointing to Central and Eastern Europe. These butter lambs are called "baranek wielkanocny" in Polish and are popular in stateside communities with large Polish populations.

One area of the country you can easily round up a butter lamb is Buffalo, New York. According to the website for Malczewski's Easter Butter Lamb, Ma Malczewski was responsible for introducing these cute dairy products to Buffalonians at the Broadway Market. Her butter lambs serve up New Testament symbology with a shape that recalls the "sacrifice of the Lamb of God in the Eucharist," complete with a red ribbon alluding to the "Blood of Christ" and a red flag that says "alleluia," to represent peace. With butter lambs being such a big deal in the region during Easter, it's only natural that other shops might want in on the action. Rather than simply molding some butter into lamb-shaped dupes, one Buffalo business decided to take these cuties up a notch.

Lake Effect Ice Cream makes butter lamb ice cream cakes

Why settle for one butter lamb with your Easter meal, when you can have another one for dessert — in the form of an ice cream cake! As WGRZ reports, Lake Effect Ice Cream offered butter lamb ice cream cakes for pickup at both their Lockport and North Buffalo locations. The Instagrammable, yellow frosting-covered lambs are made with a quart of ice cream each and sit on an eye-catching bed of green grass frosting replete with colorful, spring flowers.

Not surprisingly, folks have flocked to purchase the butter lamb ice cream cakes. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to start an ice cream cake tradition, you may have to put this one on your calendar for next year. According to their announcement on Instagram, Lake Effect Ice Cream sold out of the picture-ready desserts last year, and from the looks of their e-commerce website, they have once again sold out for this Easter. Some followers are still holding out hope that the shops will at least be offering the ice cream used to make the cakes. One such Instagrammer commented, "We can't get a cake but would love to try the flavor!" Maybe it's just sheep mentality, but that sentiment is an easy one to echo.