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14 Lavazza Blue And Expert Espresso Coffee Capsules, Ranked Worst To Best

A Lavazza Blue coffee machine can be an excellent addition to your kitchen or home office. If you've purchased a Classy Mini or Classy Plus, you're probably now trying to figure out which type of coffee and espresso capsules to buy for it. The coffee pods that fit these machines are specifically made for them, and Lavazza offers two different types of capsules that are compatible: Blue and Expert. These two types aren't fundamentally different, as the Expert version is just a newer line of products (via PR Newswire). There are many flavors options within both the Lavazza Blue and Expert lines to suit different taste preferences, whether you prefer coffee that is light, medium, or dark.

It's worth noting that the Lavazza Blue capsules tend to come in large packs of 100, and will rarely be found for less than 40 to 50 cents each. Clearly, these are a bit of an investment. If you're buying Lavazza Blue capsules for personal use, you'll definitely want to have an idea ahead of time which type will be right for you. Lavazza Expert capsules come in smaller packs of 36, so those may be a better way to start.

With a little planning, you can ensure that the capsules you select are just right for creating your ideal morning or afternoon ritual. Read on to find out how Lavazza Blue and Expert espresso capsules rank in terms of overall flavor, and get a better idea of which ones you should try.

14. Aroma Più

For those who want a coffee that is aromatic and lush, Lavazza's Espresso Aroma Più Expert capsules could be a good way to go. The word "più" means "more" in Italian, or "plus" in Latin, according to Merriam-Webster, so you can reasonably expect that this orange-labeled pod is aptly named for its strong, enchanting scent.

Our first impression was the sweet aroma that fills the air as the Lavazza machine poured this espresso. Considering its aroma, this has a surprisingly bitter flavor, with a bit of a heavy and creamy mouth feel. The flavor and aroma seemed a bit disjointed, with the scent easily being the highlight. We also noticed some acidity and aftertaste from this aromatic espresso.

If you are a fan of bold coffees, this espresso can be a good selection. Though it is described as balanced with medium body, you may find it to be heavier than expected. For the office, this may not suit everyone in terms of taste and texture, but you can be sure it will wake everyone up. Even for those who don't drink coffee, the smell is certainly pleasant. Overall though, we found the flavor of Aroma Più to be the least impressive of Lavazza's espresso capsules.

13. Espresso Decaf

Whether stocking up for the home or office, you'll likely want to have some decaf capsules on hand for those who are caffeine sensitive, but still enjoy the flavor of espresso. Carrying a light green label, the Lavazza Espresso Decaf Expert capsules will provide a welcomed coffee experience, without affecting your energy.

We noticed at first a subtle aroma that is slightly chemical as this decaf espresso pours. Our first sip introduced us to an impressive crema, especially for a decaf espresso, and a smooth texture. This is easy to drink, and seems to be the lightest of the options available in the Expert line. It has lovely cinnamon notes that give it a nice flavor, and somewhat creamy consistency. Lavazza describes their decaf espresso as being full-bodied, with the delicious aroma of freshly baked sweets. The flavor of this decaf espresso is gentle, and can be a nice break from more intense roasts, though if you want even more flavor you'll need to choose a caffeinated pod.

As decaf espressos go, this has a great deal going for it, although we ranked the decaf Lavazza Blue Dek capsules higher overall for their slightly superior flavor. Those who prefer to drink decaf coffee will be thrilled to know that they can have a high-quality espresso without caffeine. Better yet, it's easy to make with an Expert compatible machine.

12. Kafa Forest Coffee

Blue capsules of Kafa Forest Coffee may be a bit of an acquired taste. The espresso produced by these single origin Ethiopian beans is quite dark and earthy, with a charred and gritty taste. If you like your coffee to be the blackest of the black, you may enjoy this, but for many of us, it's a tad too dark.

Dark beans differ from their lighter counterparts because they are roasted longer. This often leads to dark roasts being essentially burnt. According to the National Coffee Association, a dark roast like this espresso will tend to be more bitter than acidic, and will have lost the majority of its original flavor as the roasting process takes over. That said, if you seek out this sort of charred flavor profile, you will find it with Kafa.

These capsules have a strong, slightly chemical, roasted smell. Compared to other capsules, the Kafa scent ranks low. These capsules also seem to produce less crema than others, though to speak in favor of Kafa, these do have an interesting and velvety texture. Plus, as Lavazza explains, Kafa is among the most valuable and rare coffee beans. If you're one of the sophisticated folks who can appreciate this flavor, you'll be pleased to know that it lingers on the tongue for a while. But if dark roasts aren't to your taste, brew at your own risk.

11. Dek Decaf

Our first impression of Lavazza's Dek Blue capsule was of the strong, pleasant aroma it releases. For flavor though, it's slightly less competitive when compared with other capsules, particularly those containing caffeine. Initially we noticed that the Dek flavor is quite bitter for a medium roast. It is also creamy and complex, and has a somewhat acidic aftertaste.

A decaffeinated coffee goes through some particular processing to remove caffeine, and some methods can potentially lead to a loss in flavor, according to Britannica. Dek espresso is differentiated from many other decaf coffees because it retains an impressive amount of rich flavor, even following Lavazza's carbon dioxide method of decaffeination.

Dek is an excellent option to have on hand for those days when you want your espresso fix without the extra energy boost from caffeine. They are also great for those with caffeine sensitivity, or for late-night coffee cravings. Overall, this is a high-quality decaf option for your Lavazza Blue machine, with great aroma, and good flavor as compared with other decaf coffees.

10. La Reserva de Tierra Selection 2

The La Reserva de Tierra Selection has a more complex profile compared to the other La Reserva de Tierra pods. This espresso has a light, floral flavor with a medium body. It makes for an enjoyable brew that is refreshingly refined. The delicate fruity notes and subtly pleasant aroma are signs of quality and sophistication, though you'll have to pay close attention to grasp all that this coffee has to offer. Like the Kafa Forest capsules, this espresso may require a particular palate for full appreciation of its complex characteristics.

Keeping in line with La Reserva de Tierra collection's mission of sustainability, Lavazza also offers a special version of this La Reserva de Tierra Selection espresso in packaging that is compostable. The company has an impressive history of environmental responsibility, and over time has taken multiple steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Lavazza states that they are taking a "carbon neutrality approach," by making an effort to offset the carbon emissions of the supply chain.

So in addition to La Reserva de Tierra Selection being worth a try simply for the fact that it is an interesting espresso, you can also be assured that you're buying from a company that is making positive environmental strides.

9. Espresso Aroma Top

With the lightest roast of the Lavazza Expert line, the Espresso Aroma Top is the perfect choice for those who like their coffee to have delicate flavor. Though it is still carries the body and crema you expect from a quality espresso, these capsules have a light flavor compared to the others.

At first we enjoyed the floral aroma of this espresso as it poured from the Lavazza machine. This intoxicating scent aligns with the name Aroma Top, filling the space with delightfully sweet smells. This is a pleasant way to wake up, and the first sip of Aroma Top reminds one of the decadent flavor of a macaron. These capsules pack a surprisingly complex pairing of aroma and flavor, that even fans of darker roasts could appreciate.

The crema seems to dissipate quickly with this particular espresso, however, so enjoy at your leisure, but don't take too long. This is a decent choice if you're looking for a flavor that will be a crowd-pleaser, and may end up becoming your own favorite. Be sure to select the Expert espresso with the mustard-colored label.

8. La Reserva de Tierra Colombia

Next up in the La Reserva de Tierra line are Lavazza's Colombia espresso capsules. These are quite different from the other La Reserva de Tierra flavors, with a profile that is shockingly smooth for how bold it is. Beginning with the subtle scent of honey, we found this medium-to-dark roast offers a deliciously thick crema. It is aromatic and balanced in taste, but may be a bit heavy for some. It's unlikely you'd want to drink more than one cup at a time, as a single Colombia espresso is satisfying enough.

With notes of sweetness and fruity flavors blended with floral tones, there is much to enjoy from La Reserva de Tierra Colombia. Leaving only a gentle aftertaste, surprisingly, this espresso packs a clean yet powerful flavor that will be a hit for many people who gravitate towards dark roast coffees. It is especially remarkable for its ability to balance rich flavors without them overwhelming you, or worse, becoming one-dimensional.

This is a great choice if you want to select Blue capsules that carefully blend the delicate characteristics of a lighter roast with the full-bodied enjoyment of a dark one. It has a distinct identity that may not be for everyone, but will be perfect for some.

7. Top Class

As one of Lavazza's popular flavors, Top Class espresso capsules have a taste that is both rich and sweet. This is a medium roast coffee with a gentle aroma, and slight hint of bitterness. It is smooth and easy to drink, capped by a thick and foamy crema you will love. We found this creamy layer to still coat the sides of our espresso cup as we finished drinking, so this espresso offers a foam to be reckoned with. For lovers of classic coffeehouse vibes, and quality details, this may be the right choice for you.

Top Class is dark and rich tasting, with a tickling aftertaste that lingers at the back of your tongue, and even in the throat. Not overly sweet, the flavor profile of Top Class will go over well for anyone who wants the quintessential espresso, but with a hint of chocolate. There is also a Top Class 2 option for those who prefer the size of a double-espresso.

6. La Reserva de Tierra Alteco Bio-Organic

Perhaps the best flavor from La Reserva de Tierra collection, Alteco Bio-Organic is likely to wow you. With Alteco meaning "altitude" in Esperanto, which was created as a universal language, Lavazza also aims to unite people with this delicious espresso built on a foundation of ethical business practices.

Alteco Bio-Organic is the perfect choice for those who want an espresso situated firmly as a medium roast. It carries a tropical aroma that may remind you of Hawaiian Kona coffee. They are alike in their low acidity and bright, full flavor. Alteco Bio-Organic is smooth with each sip, and has a light to medium body that is just right for a gentle wake-up.

Without being overpowering, this has a great combination of fruity and creamy elements all working together harmoniously. We noticed a slight honey taste, and chocolate flavor as well. There is plenty to discover, and much to enjoy from La Reserva de Tierra Alteco. Even those who prefer darker coffees may want to give this one a try, and introduce some variety to the espresso experience you get from your Lavazza Blue machine.

5. Gold Selection

Another Lavazza Blue espresso that is on the lighter side is their Gold Selection. Described by Lavazza as having, "pronounced sweetness, fine acidity and medium body," these capsules are undeniably delicious. With a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, this light roast espresso is delightfully smooth and has hints of sweetness for easy drinking.

Gold Selection has one of the best aromas of all the Blue capsule options. Its scent is floral and pleasant, and a touch citrusy. It is only slightly acidic in flavor, and is noticeably lighter than most of the other espresso options. The Gold would be a good place to start for those who like light coffee, but it is easy to appreciate no matter what type you typically gravitate towards.

This one gets a high rating overall for having great flavor and a sweet, mouth-watering aroma. It's easy to like the Gold, and it is impressively rich and complex for a coffee so delicate. If you find yourself falling in love with this flavor, keep in mind that you also have the option of getting the Gold Selection 2 if you prefer a larger shot of espresso.

4. Gusto Intenso

Among the Lavazza Expert espresso options, their Gusto Intenso capsules are perhaps the best. This wonderfully rich espresso is smooth and easy to drink. With a thick and sweet crema on top, Gusto Intenso is a full-bodied espresso that is impressively rich.

Not to be outdone by the others, these capsules have their own distinct spiced floral aroma. As we sipped on this one, we picked up hints of chocolate and roses, though Lavazza describes it as having notes of wood and dried fruit. In terms of flavor, this espresso is dark and delicious, making it perfect for those who enjoy a strong, toasted profile for their coffee. It is smooth and easy to drink, with a gentle aftertaste that will linger pleasantly on your tongue.

If you are someone who prefers a double-shot, you're in luck. There are also Gusto Intenso 2 capsules, made to brew a lungo (long in Italian) serving. This longer pour uses twice as much water, giving you a larger serving with just as much flavor when you use the Gusto Intenso 2 capsules. You'll get the same thick, velvety crema and strong floral aroma with these capsules. This espresso is recommended for its dark composition and tasty flavor, without ever being overwhelming. It is a great choice that everyone should try.

3. Cafe Crema

For a cafe experience at home, just brew Cafe Crema by Lavazza in your Blue machine. This espresso is absolutely excellent. It has a sweet aroma, which will waft through the air carrying strong floral notes, and bringing to mind buttery breakfast pastries. You may find yourself getting hungry just from the smell of Cafe Crema.

Cafe Crema is a medium roast and is comparable to the Gold Selection in many ways. Both have intense, delicious aromas and light profiles that make them a joy to taste and explore. It's good that they are so similar, because they can be great substitutes for one another if your favorite goes out of stock.

Once poured, we find Cafe Crema to have a very thick and heavy layer of cream on top, which one can then sniff directly to take in more of the sweet aroma. At the first sip, we noticed that it has a great velvety taste that lingers gently. It is subtle and hard to pin down, and once you finish it, you'll want to try it all over again. The complex flavors and creamy consistency of Cafe Crema make this one a popular choice you really should try for yourself.

2. Chocolate

For our final contender in the Expert line, we have Lavazza Chocolate. While it isn't an espresso, it can be a great alternative for those who do not drink coffee, or who want a hot beverage without the caffeine. The sweet hot chocolate you'll get from these is incredible and demonstrates the versatility of these Lavazza machines.

Using the single (or espresso) button on your machine with these pods will produce a delightful chocolate drink that is rich in flavor. It gives off a strong milk chocolate scent and flavor, and is a great alternative on days when you'd like something other than coffee. You could invite friends over and impress them with this tasty chocolate brew, that is truly a dessert in itself.

If you prefer a lighter taste, you could brew these using the lungo setting, though it does water the flavor down significantly. Either way, it is quite tasty. These are the perfect pods to have on hand so that you can have different drink options for children and guests. Of course, they are so good that you will probably have to stock up often. Lavazza Expert Chocolate capsules are sold in a 50 pack for anywhere from $40 to $60, so they aren't cheap, but they're certainly worth it. These are delicious and will go quick!

1. Gran Espresso

We have a winner! The Gran Espresso by Lavazza just can't be beat. If you try this one, don't be surprised to find yourself exclaiming, "Ooh, yum!" No kidding. This espresso is nice and dark, full of flavor and great for fans of other dark roast coffees, like Sumatra or French roast. It is a real eye-opener.

Gran Espresso serves you first with its delicious, electric aroma. The flavor of this espresso is intense, but not overwhelming. You'll notice that it is balanced and smooth, with a nice, even bitterness. This flavor truly makes for easy drinking, and gives you a memorable espresso experience you'll want to have again and again.

This espresso is pretty much perfect, and folks who love dark coffees would likely be thrilled to drink this every morning. The story is the same whether you opt for the regular single shot Gran Espresso, or Lavazza's Gran Espresso 2 for a double shot. In either case, it is simply excellent. Be sure to try some for yourself. Even if you're just dipping your toes in the dark espresso waters, this introduction could lead you to your new favorite.