A Vegan Donut Shop Put Martha Stewart's Face On It And Instagram Is Loving It

There are few things more exciting for a small business than getting a visit from a celebrity. Maybe we're riffing here, but imagine being on a cross-country road trip and stopping for lunch at a small diner whose claim to fame is that they served Jerry Seinfeld a plate of pancakes in the 1980s — maybe they even have a framed photo of him on the wall. It's easy to imagine because those of us who come from these less-broadcasted pockets of the country know that residents take pride in these kinds of stories. 

With the rise of social media, it's easier than ever for celebs to document their experiences in small towns, and they often use their platforms as a chance to promote specific businesses they visited on their travels. Such is the case for home-cook queen Martha Stewart, who posted on Instagram this week about her latest trip to Oklahoma, which was sponsored in part by Oklahoma State. She procured some sizable eastern redbuds from a nursery, bought a cool table from an antique store, and — most importantly — was treated to a batch of donuts with her face on them from a local vegan bakery. 

Big Baby Rolls loves Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart shouted out a slew of Oklahoma small businesses in her Instagram post — including The Antiquary and Stringer Nursery — before thanking the vegan Tulsa bakery Big Baby Rolls and Donuts for their special batch of fried treats, which were decorated with a pink print of the food star's smiling face against a shiny vanilla glaze. 

Commenters responded primarily to the first picture in the post's gallery, which showed Martha on the flight home beside her newly acquired redbud trees, but others alluded to the baked goods. "Living your best life!" replied Mario Badescu Skin Care. "You're amazing," wrote celebrity photographer Douglas Friedman. Martha Stewart Living's Editor-In-Chief, Elizabeth Graves, responded with heart emojis. 

According to Big Baby Rolls and Donuts' website, Raina Nasreddine and Andrew Warren daringly opened the bakery in the thick of the pandemic. We can only imagine the boost in business brought on by Martha's Instagram shoutout, and it doesn't hurt that the menu boasts such items as cinnamon rolls, Polish sausage rolls, "Flavor o' The Weekend" fritters, and a generous smattering of gluten-free and/or vegan donuts in flavors like a chocolate-marshmallow, Bavarian cream, churro, and blueberry cake. If you ask Martha Stewart, the bakery is worth a stop the next time you find yourself in the Sooner State.