Instagram Is Cracking Up Over Valerie Bertinelli's Cranky Neighbor

In the world of food, Valerie Bertinelli is a superstar. To her neighbor, however, she is simply a person who sporadically has an entire television crew set up camp in her yard. Bertinelli highlighted this tension on April 6 when she took some time away from filming the fourteenth season of "Valerie's Home Cooking" to record some behind-the-scenes footage for Instagram. The show follows the culinary star as she cooks meals and shares them with her family and friends (via IMDb).

"So, we're trying to shoot the show," the actress began before being cut off by a slight burst of a laugh. "But our neighbor wants to mow his lawn. Thankfully it's a very small lawn. Can you hear that noise?" One could indeed hear that noise, which was a constant drone in the background. It would almost certainly distract viewers from the grilling if the editors failed to remove it in post.

Then, the scene cuts. The actress explained that they filmed the scene regardless and made a joke about the mowing just in case. After the scene, she looked over to see if her neighbor was finished. He was no longer mowing but had moved on to using the leaf blower. "Wonder what he wants?" Bertinelli asked.

Valerie Bertinelli's fans chimed in

When Valerie Bertinelli vented about her neighbor to Instagram, her fans took notice. As of writing, the post has received over 23K likes.

"Most of us have had Those kind of neighbors from time to time," one Instagrammer wrote. Another mounted their soapbox to harangue leaf blowers in general, "I want all leaf blowers banned!!!! It's noise pollution and I'm fed up with it!!!!" In fact, the video seemed to tap into a general resentment against leaf blowers. Many commenters used laughing emojis and appeared to find the situation funny.

However, there was a subset of viewers who sympathized with the "Kid's Baking Championship" host's neighbor.  "Maybe he's sick of the cameras, crew and vehicles!" the argument went. "You aren't the only person living on that street" But other fans rallied against such suggestions, "He should thank his lucky stars for [living next to Bertinelli] and hope he gets invited over some to be in her divine presence!" Another answered Bertinelli's question, "Maybe he wants some food."