This Is What The World's Oldest Person Ate Every Day

A recent study by UK-based CBD company Eden's Gate sought to uncover the secrets to living a long life by studying some of the world's oldest people (via Eat This, Not That!). 

To get at the core of what gives individuals health and longevity, researchers examined the lifestyles of six people who lived to be older than 100. Their results indicated that four main factors determine longevity — movement, socioeconomic status, stress levels, and diet. Of those categories, diet may be the one that people have the most control over.

There are plenty of foods that science says will help you live longer. For example, nuts, berries, and fish are known to provide essential nutrients that contribute to a long life by boosting immunity and improving heart health.

The Eden's Gate study took a direct approach to gathering information by examining the diet of the oldest person from their sample of research subjects. At 122 years old, Jeanne Louise Calment is the only person to ever live past 120.

The three key ingredients of a long life

As Eat This, Not That! reports, CBD company Eden's Gate studied the diet of the only person to ever live to 122 years old. In doing so, they identified three foods that may help you live longer. Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1977, reportedly said olive oil was one of her secrets to a long healthy life.

According to Healthline, olive oil is rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also may protect against heart disease and can decrease one's chances of having a stroke.

Another key element in Calment's diet was red wine, which the Mayo Clinic reports is heart healthy and flush with antioxidants. Experts recommend only consuming red wine in moderation, however.

Finally, chocolate-lovers can rejoice in the fact that their favorite sweet treat can add years to your life, according to both Calment and Hopkins Medicine. Like red wine, chocolate has heart-healthy qualities and can boost immunity. It can also help your athletic performance by boosting brain function and supporting circulation in the blood. So, pour a glass of wine, drizzle some olive oil on your food, and follow it up with some chocolate for dessert. It's all in the name of longevity.