Trader Joe's New Seasonal Snack Looks Like Cadbury Eggs

Trader Joe's is fully in step with the Easter season, thanks to the recently launched product, Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, per Trader Joe's Food Reviews on Instagram. All made up in pastels to look like itty-bitty Easter eggs, the confection bears a striking resemblance to another seasonal treat – Cadbury creme eggs. However similar in appearance they might be, the Trader Joe's version is entirely different on the inside, since each egg contains an almond.

Instagrammer Trader Joe's Food Reviews gave the product a score of eight out of 10, noting, "They reminded me a lot of wedding almonds that I used to have growing up but with chocolate added inside." The reviewer says that the almond center is covered in dark chocolate, with a "crunchy candy shell, kind of like an M&M, but thicker" on the outside. They also said that it's a "hearty treat," thanks to the presence of the almond. That said, the reviewer adds that they aren't their first choice for candy, noting that they like the "coconut, chocolate almonds even more!"

More reactions to the Trader Joe's candy eggs

A seven-ounce bag of the Trader Joe's Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds retails for $3.99, compared with $2.98 for a nine-ounce bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs from Walmart.

Fellow Instagrammer Trader Joe's List is definitely here for the festive eggs. "I've said it once and I'll say it again, if you're too old to get an Easter basket, just go to Trader Joe's in April," the caption read. That is, of course, if you're lucky enough to find them in stock. One commenter lamented that their local store was out of the candy, and another added, "They are also done for the season, so only what's in store is left!"

Those who've been able to get their bunny paws on a bag, however, have largely been satisfied. One user wrote that they "are quite dangerous to have around!" and another said that they "finished the bag in one sitting." However, you can't please all the people, all the time. Helenebickmore said that the candies, "Tasted like chalk." No doubt the big bunny wouldn't be too happy to find out about that!