Why TikTok Is Calling Stanley Tucci's Weekend Lunch Iconic

Beloved actor Stanley Tucci knows his way around a kitchen, but some people are just figuring this out via his TikTok account. Clearly, these newbies to the Tucci train have yet to take in an episode of "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy," which takes the host all over the Bel Paese (Italian for "beautiful country") to taste and enjoy authentic regional foods (via CNN). The subject of his latest TikTok is far closer to home, however. In fact, it's actually in his home.

Simply captioned, "Saturday lunch," Tucci amazed and impressed viewers as he toured them around his lunch table. On the menu for that Saturday was a frittata with potatoes, onion, parmigiana, and parsley. Then he noted a tray of "beautiful" white asparagus, which were actually leftovers from a previous meal. He also displays a tomato salad made with arugula, cucumbers, and oil with lemon. Also on the side are smoked salmon and bread. It's possible that Tucci doesn't nosh quite so beautifully on a typical Saturday afternoon. In this instance, his parents and daughter are visiting so he put out an extra-special spread suitable for company. His fans certainly seemed to approve.

Fan reaction to Tucci's epic lunch

Celebrities and regular folk alike seemed to be impressed by the delicious lunch Stanley Tucci shared on TikTok. YouTube sensation Connor Franta said that he's "humbled to be in the presence of the original distinguished gentleman." Another user wrote that they "finally found TucciTok and I am never leaving." Another TikToker concured and said, "This is the only TikTok I want to be on."

Multiple TikTokers dubbed the lunch "iconic," with one fan saying that they "aspire to be this level of iconic." Another questioned the general population's worthiness of Tucci, saying, "What did we do to deserve this blessed content?" While yet another user points out that the spread is "wonderfully beautiful and healthy. What a great way to treat your loved ones!" The actor certainly pulled out all the stops for his family, and Tucci shared a sweet family memory related to food in his book "Taste: My Life Through Food" (via LitHub).

But perhaps TikTok star MoodyFoody said it best in the comments with a simple, "Ugh, I love you," because sometimes with both words and food, less is more.