Why A New Tequila Takes Its Inspiration From The Zodiac

Liquor store shelves contain all kinds of tequila varieties, from Silver to Reposado and everything in between. Each type is as unique as it is essential to the cocktail arena, and there are many distinctions among them, like the important difference between gold and silver tequila. Derived from the agave plant, tequila is exclusively produced in Mexico, where conditions are ripe for harvesting and fermenting the giant aloe vera-like plant.

More than 160 species of agave exist in Mexico, but only one — Blue Webber agave — can call itself the source of tequila (per Decanter). Bars typically stock the shelves with household name brands like Jose Cuervo and Don Julio, but there are any number of companies ready to fill your glass these days. Often accompanied by a lime, some tequilas are better suited for shots, and some work better in cocktails.

People often have brand allegiances when it comes to the liquors they purchase, but one company on the spirits scene guarantees more than your everyday buzz.

Astral Tequila harnesses the cosmos

Astral Tequila, which relaunched April 12, according to a news release from the brand, harnesses the power of the cosmos to deliver what it deems to be the perfect cocktail. Production of this tequila centers around traditional methods, specifically using a Tahona — a stone wheel that processes the juices from the Blue Webber agave plant, which is what tequila is made from, to deliver a unique flavor. The Tahona also allows the agave plant to go further in the production process.

With its brand makeover, per Just Drinks, Astral Tequila promises that its tequila will release the energy of the sun and stars, jazzing up your cocktail with cosmic power. The name Astral itself means "of the stars." Whether you're enjoying a margarita or sipping it on the rocks, Astral Tequila aims to deliver notes of citrus, tropical fruit, white pepper, and clover honey.

Astral Tequila Blanco retails nationwide for $34.99. To mark the product's relaunch, Astral Tequila initiated a sweepstakes to win a trip to the House of Astral in September, when the Fall Equinox occurs. The winner can bring up to five friends, and the facility is located outside Joshua Tree National Park.