Ina Garten Just Dropped The Recipe For Her Iconic Easter Cupcakes

In many corners of the country, people are excitedly anticipating the May flowers as they endure dreary April showers. One of the few things that makes this rainy season so bearable? Aside from the warmer weather and the longer days, Easter is right around the corner. There are so many things to love about this spring holiday, from exciting easter egg hunts to dyeing and decorating eggs. Pastel pink, baby blue, and pale yellow decorations brighten up our homes, as do cheerful baskets brimming with copious amounts of chocolate and adorable bunnies. And let's not forget about the dozens and dozens of delicious desserts that we get to enjoy at Easter brunches and backyard barbecues.

From carrot cake and lemon meringue pie to apple galette and strawberry cake, there are so many Easter desserts that can live up to the same hype as your homemade Easter ham. If you are on the hunt for an Easter dessert your whole family will love, you can't go wrong with a Barefoot Contessa concoction. Ina Garten just shared the recipe for her renowned Easter cupcakes on Instagram, and coconut lovers, we hope you're listening.

These coconut cupcakes will satisfy adults and kids alike

From shareable appetizers and main courses to Easter cocktails and tasty sides, a lot goes into planning an Easter Sunday feast. As families across the country frantically prepare menus for their holiday get-togethers, Ina Garten comes to the rescue with the perfect crowd-pleasing dessert. In a recent Instagram post, the Barefoot Contessa showed off a photo of her iconic coconut cupcakes. "I'm getting into the Easter spirit with my Coconut Cupcakes! Kids love them but the grown-ups do too," Garten's caption read.

The Hamptons hostess's sentiment was echoed in the comments section of her post. "This grownup wants one!!!," one user wrote, while another shared "It's the best cupcake recipe ever! I have them every year on my birthday #70candles."

Garten's Instagram photo showcases a handful of coconut cupcakes slathered with cream cheese frosting and topped with shredded coconut. Although Garten does not include this tidbit in her official recipe, each cupcake is visibly topped with a yellow marshmallow peep. Last but not least, if you want to do as Ina does, garnish your cupcake platter with brightly colored jelly beans. For those interested in whipping a batch of these elaborate confections, the recipe is now available on the Barefoot Contessa website.