Michael Strahan's Microwave Confession Has Twitter Divided

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that roughly 90% of kitchens in America are home to a microwave, and it's not hard to understand why. The appliance has dozens of uses, including a few you might not know about, like cooking baked potatoes, risotto, and even a batch of chocolate chip cookies — and let's not forget how easy it makes reheating leftovers for dinner or popping a bag of popcorn for a movie night. Even some of the world's most notable chefs are a fan of the device, like David Chang. "The microwave is an amazing, amazing machine," he gushed in an interview with Insider last year. However, it appears that not everyone has the same passion for the kitchen gadget as the Momofuku founder. In fact, some people don't even own one at all. Gasp!

So, who are these people living their lives microwave-free? Well, we don't have the full list of names, but we do know that it includes Michael Strahan. The former NFL star took to Twitter this week to not only admit that his kitchen lacks a microwave, but that it's absent by choice. "I don't have a microwave in the kitchen because I like the way the food tastes when you heat it up in the oven or on the stove," the "Good Morning America" host explained in a video that, per his request, has sparked a major debate among his followers.

Do you think you could survive without a microwave in the kitchen?

Strahan had his 1.3 million Twitter followers buzzing after making the surprising kitchen confession that he does not own a microwave. "Question: Do you NEED a microwave or no?? People trip out when I tell them I don't have one. Microwave or no microwave?" the television personality tweeted along with the hashtag #DebateWithMe — and a debate is certainly what he got.

Strahan's tweet has seen an influx of responses since going live, including many from people who are on team No Microwave with the former New York Giant. "It's been years since I've owned one. Life is just fine," user @ShaneLaCroix10 said. "Probably healthier not to use one regularly," argued another follower. Some, like user @shederian, doubled down on Strahan's claim that food tastes better when heated with the oven or stove, while others shared that their air fryer has taken over for the microwave.

Still, it seems like not everybody is ready to get rid of the appliance. "I have to have a microwave to heat up leftovers and coffee," one person explained, noting that the device was "essential" for them, while Twitter user @DcDcooper1 offered another passionate pro-microwave argument. "It's a time thang. We live in a fast-paced world, and waiting on an oven just won't work when I'm hungry NOW!!" they said. Clearly, there are arguments that can be made for both sides of this debate. Where do you fall?