Costco Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its Returning Croissant Lunch Kit

We've all probably had at least one day in our lives when we've missed out on eating lunch. Perhaps you didn't have time to make lunch ahead of time and planned on stepping out for a bite to eat, but suddenly found yourself with absolutely zero time to grab a meal once the lunch hours rolled around. Or maybe you did have time to head down to the deli across the street from the office, only to realize you left your wallet at home right as you were about to order your grub.

Regardless of the reason, we can likely all agree that missing lunch stinks, especially since Livestrong reports that partaking in the midday meal provides us an energy boost to help us power through the rest of the day. Costco is offering a solution to this dilemma thanks to the return of a popular meal kit that Instagram user @costcohotfinds alerted their followers about. "Looks like the croissant sandwiches are back at Costco!!!" the Costco-obsessed Instagrammer said in a post on Monday, April 18 that has been generating tons of buzz.

Their upload also contained a video showing off the ready-to-eat lunch kits, which run for about $10 at @costcohotfinds' location and consist of a Caesar salad, two cups of honey dijon dressing, and a large croissant roasted chicken sandwich that has been cut in half. "This makes 2 meals for me and it's so good heated up in the air fryer," they explained.

Use the air fryer to take Costco's croissant lunch kit to the next level

Well, folks, it looks like Costco may have done it again ... or should we say, "again, again"? The big-box retailer is once again stocking its deli counters with croissant roasted chicken sandwich and Caesar salad lunch kits, which many loyal shoppers have been raving about in the comments section of Instagram user @costcohotfind's post about the product. "This is a must-have, every Costco trip!" user @cindylovescash commented. "It's soooo good – my husband and I split this regularly for lunch and it's perfectly sized for it," shared another fan.

One follower specifically shed praise on the kit's croissant sammie – which they called "the holy grail of sandwiches" – and the "addicting" mustard sauce it comes with, while others fawned over the @costscohotfind's idea to air fry the sandwich before chowing down. "Girl, you changed the game! That's such a good idea," user @heatherdckr declared.

The Instagrammer even provided instructions in their video. They simply spread honey dijon dressing on the top half of one or both halves of the sandwich before placing it in the air fryer for five minutes at 350 F, which will melt the cheese and render the bread "warm and slightly crunchy." While it cooked, they put together the salad, creating a complete lunch in no time at all.