You Can Get TGI Fridays' New 4/20 Meal Through Uber Eats

TGI Fridays' Chicken Slammer Board combos dropped on March 29, according to the restaurant's Instagram, and customers are already leaving heart eyes, clapping, and fire emojis in the comments. As detailed in a press release published by PR Newswire, the menu addition features three different Chicken Slammer Boards: Whiskey-Glazed, Buffalo Chicken, and Italian Chicken. Each board includes two chicken sliders (flavors vary), an appetizer, and a side of coleslaw and seasoned fries. 

The Whiskey-Glaze flavored chicken sliders come with a couple of 2-bone cut Whiskey-Glaze Ribs for an appetizer whereas the Buffalo Chicken Slammer Board includes four boneless wings doused in buffalo sauce. A four-count of mozzarella sticks is included as the appetizer in the Italian Chicken Slammer Board. After playing with TGI Fridays' store locator, it looks like meal prices vary by location and city.

Now, TGI Fridays is partnering with UberEats for an exclusive, munchie- and Whiskey-Glaze-inspired meal in celebration of 4/20.

It's a variation of TGI Fridays' Whiskey-Glaze Board

If you're not used to seeing a spate of deals dedicated to April 20, you're likely not alone. As Marketing Dive observed, 2022 has seen a series of chains, including Jack in the Box and Wingstop, get on the 4/20 bandwagon – or as it should be called, the "canna-bus." The outlet speculates that changes to marijuana legislation have something to do with it while the importance of deliveries in the age of COVID looms large in these various offers. Whatever, the reason, TGI Fridays is bringing out the big guns this 4/20. 

In honor of the annual weed holiday, the American restaurant chain is debuting a limited-time munchie bundle that includes three Chicken Slammers (per PR Newswire). The mini chicky slammers are coated in TGI's signature Whiskey-Glaze Blaze sauce, which is hotter than the chain's traditional Whiskey-Glaze, and sandwiched into a New England roll. TGI Fridays tops the sliders with a spicy aioli sauce and sesame seasoning. 

And would be munchies without a side of loaded fries dressed in white queso, bacon bits, and chopped green onions? Apparently, the chain doesn't think so. The so-named Blazed & Glazed Bundle can only be ordered on the UberEats app. The 4/20-inspired meal will be around from April 20 to May 4, but those who order it on the cannabis holiday will score a special 4/20 promo: $4 off a total of $20 or more.