Here's How To Earn A Free Starbucks Drink With Half The Rewards

Customers have gone to some notable lengths in order to get free Starbucks. According to From Pennies To Plenty, folks have signed up for the cafe chain's reward's program, used the Starbucks credit card, bought secondhand Starbucks gift cards, and found ways to score free refills in an effort to get more coffee for less. Others have asked for no ice to get more bang for their buck, signed up for a variety of third-party apps to get rebates, or simply asked friends to give them gift cards on special occasions (via Bella Wanana).

In anticipation of Earth Day, Starbucks now has another offer that coffee lovers may want to take note of. Thrillist reports that Starbucks rewards members can bring a reusable cup with them in order to take advantage of a new perk that celebrates the reduction of waste. In the past, bringing a reusable cup could also score you some free coffee, but this new environmentally-friendly twist takes the deal to a new level.

How Starbucks' new promotion works

According to Thrillist, anyone who brings a suitable reusable cup to Starbucks can score an extra 25 rewards points that they can put towards a free drink. A free coffee only costs 50 points, so by simply bringing your own cup during your morning joe run, you can quickly rack up enough points to enjoy a few free beverages. The extra emphasis on reusable cups falls in line with the brand's mission to significantly reduce its waste by 2030, but like all deals, this promotion has some fine print. Currently, drive-thru and mobile orders don't accommodate the cup deal — diners have to bring their cup to a physical Starbucks location in order to score the points — but Starbucks has stated that it is "working on solutions" to this issue.

The boosted rewards program comes on the heels of some backlash against the brand. CNN reports that Starbucks recently revamped their rewards points programs in a way that penalizes those who spend less money on a coffee. It's now more beneficial for people who spend at least $5 per Starbucks trip, and patrons have taken to social media to complain about the change. The bring-your-own cup promotion may help ease some shoppers' concerns, but only time will tell if it helps Starbucks move closer to its set environmental goals.