Guinness Just Launched Cold Brew Coffee Beer. Here's What To Know

Coffee and beer seem like an unlikely power combo. Whereas many people start their day with coffee to wake them up, beer is more of an evening, post-work drink. But there is a reason why espresso martinis seem to be all the rage these days — it seems that people love the taste of fresh, high-quality espresso combined with the relaxing effects of alcohol (via InsideHook).

The same can be said about a beer made with coffee. While many might be skeptic about this pairing, the two actually share a lot in common, including a similar flavor palette. The flavor of coffee can range from fruity to heavy-bodied, making it versatile in a variety of different beverages. Likewise, Guinness has been described to have undertones of coffee and chocolate, making it ideal to mix with another espresso drink (via IrishCentral). Now, according to Diageo, the beer brand has officially launched a product that will unite both beer and coffee lovers.

It's available across the US

Guinness has created a Cold Brew Coffee Beer, which combines cooled, steeped coffee with Guinness Draught (via Diageo). The product contains very low caffeine — 2 milligrams — but still offers a very distinct flavor.

So what might a Cold Brew Coffee Beer taste like? The drink contains notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel and is bitter and sweet like both of its ingredients (via Guinness). As stated before, the taste of Guinness' iconic stout has been likened to coffee because it is created with barley, which has a similar roasted taste (via Renegade Brewing). This gives it its distinctly warm and roasted flavor which is also bitter and creamy. Combined with actual cold brew, these tones are only expected to be enhanced.

Unfortunately, the beverage is only available in U.S. stores and certain supermarkets in Great Britain, but the company is hoping for wider distribution in the next 18 months, per Diageo.