Yes, You Can Get Naked And Drink Beer At A UK Pub

Walking around naked is deemed an act of "indecent exposure" in most public places these days, and those who do so will likely be met with a fine or even a felony conviction. But for every courthouse that condemns the publicly unclothed, there are communities of people who would prefer to spend their waking hours in their birthday suits. Nudism (or "naturism") has been around since ancient Egyptian times, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation, which adds that students in Greece were also nude while studying and excercising during the same period. Henry David Thoreau called his bare nature strolls air baths, and he was apparently in good company with other figures of his time, including Benjamin Franklin and President John Quncy Adams, per AANR.

While naturists still abound around the world, they typically have to get dressed in order to partake in public activities like bar hopping. But across the pond, a U.K. events company bent on "[normalizing] naturism and social nudity whilst breaking down the negative stereotypes of media-inspired body image," per its website, has devised a way for naturists to enjoy a pint of Guinness at the pub, gaze at paintings at museums, and more  — no pants required.  

The clothing free get-togethers are organized by Nothing On Events

March 26 marked Nothing On Events' first nude gathering, which took place at a pub near the southern English town of Guildford, Surrey. Like many events companies, Nothing On organizes broad-interest gatherings for like-minded people, but this one happens to cater to nudists. Their website lists four categories: Food & Dining, Art, Social, and Tours. "We are the event company that aims to normalize naturism, to allow people to have new experiences in safe, non-sexual social nudity," the company's founder told the U.K.'s Daily Star. He added that his original mission was to "put on dining events that more people could afford," and also to allow people to "have the opportunity to experience the freedom of naturism in safe environments." 

An article in Yahoo! News reminds readers that dining naked in public was somewhat popular back in 2016 with the buzzy clothing-optional London pop-up that racked up a waitlist of 28,000 people, per Food & Wine. There's clearly a call to normalize naturism, and thanks to Nothing On Events, people can participate in the destigmatization of nakedness while tucking into a plate of fish and chips and a nice IPA.