Sonic Has A New Menu For Pickle Lovers

Sonic has a new cheeseburger, and it's kind of a big dill for pickle lovers. The national fast food chain is known for being one of the only drive-in restaurants left on the modern food scene. At the Sonic Drive-In, which has locations in 46 states, customers can order from their car via intercom, and instead of cruising through a drive-thru, a server — or carhop — will deliver the order directly to the vehicle. It's a dining experience that evokes nostalgia and hearkens to an era of drive-in fun.

Sonic has a vast menu of drinks, like the Ocean Water Slushie, and old-fashioned diner classics like burgers and milkshakes. The chain recently brought back the popular Brownie Batter and Yellow Cake Batter Shakes, and fans are thrilled (via Instagram). Now, another new product has been announced in a press release. The newest menu addition may be a tad bit niche, but there's definitely a market for it, given the reactions on social media.

New burger highlights pickle flavor

Sonic Drive-In debuted a new menu item today that embraces the power of the pickle, and you won't find it on the secret Sonic Drive-In menu. The Big Dill Cheeseburger will give you a pickle fix via three briny components: crinkle-cut pickle slices, pickle fries, and a ranch sauce seasoned with dill flavors, according to a Sonic press release. These pickle accouterments accompany a burger patty, American cheese, and lettuce all piled on a brioche bun.

Sonic officials said they chose to make pickles "the star of the show" because of the fast food chain's history of keeping its menu unique. The pickle fries that come with the Big Dill are also available as a side option. Instead of the traditional fried pickle option, which is typically sliced into rounds, these spears are shaped like french fries, and fried to attain the optimum crunch. Sonic will serve the pickle fries with a side of ranch.

The Big Dill is available at Sonic Drive-In starting May 2, or April 25 for Sonic App users, until June 26 while supplies last.