Everything You Need To Know About The Ice Cream Recall

The sun is out, the snow has finally melted, and the days are getting longer. You're not the only one doing a happy dance because the long winter appears to be over (knock on wood). This time of year, some parts of the country go from shoveling snow to breaking out their shorts in a matter of days, and it seems only fitting to celebrate with seasonal treats. Backyard barbecue with ice cream for dessert, anyone?

The U.S. adores ice cream, as the average American consumes — wait for it — about 23 pounds of it per year, per the International Dairy Foods Association. While it's fun to pile the kids in the car for a cone or dish at the local ice cream parlor, that can become an expensive habit. No wonder supermarket sales of pints, quarts, and novelties like ice cream on a stick are consistently strong. If you're on your way to the store for ice cream or already have some in your freezer, however, you need to be aware of recent recalls affecting several major U.S. and Canadian brands. If you or members of your household have peanut allergies, especially, you will want to be extra vigilant.

Baskin-Robbins, Turkey Hill, and other ice cream brands have been recalled

Here's the scoop: The Canadian recall affects four brands: Baskin-Robbins, President's Choice, Best Buy, and Scotsburn Joins Farmers. More than a dozen varieties were recalled because they could contain pieces of plastic or metal. Hotels, restaurants, and retailers have been asked to stop selling the items in question. Specifically, the recall affects Baskin-Robbins vanilla, pralines 'n' cream, chocolate mousse royale, and two varieties of mint chocolate chip ice cream; Best Buy vanilla ice milk; President's Choice Loads of Chocolatey Caramel Treats light ice cream, Ice Cream Shop Elk Crossing, Rocky Road, vanilla, mint, and mango flavors; and Scotsburn Joins Farmers Hoofprints light ice cream.

Meanwhile, a separate recall has been issued in the U.S. for 48-ounce containers of leading brand Turkey Hill's chocolate marshmallow premium ice cream, according to the FDA. The reason: the undeclared presence of peanuts. During production, containers marked chocolate marshmallow may have mistakenly been filled with chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. Consumers who purchased the recalled Turkey Hill ice cream are asked to return it to their point of purchase for a refund. Consumers can also call Turkey Hill Dairy at 1-800-693-2479.