Why Robots Might Make Your Next Jack In The Box Order

When robots come to take over the restaurant industry, they could potentially make their first appearance in the fast food industry. CNBC reports that McDonald's has already started using an automated drive-thru ordering system, and currently has plans to automate its kitchen space. Meanwhile, labor shortages have encouraged a slew of businesses to pursue robots as a new workforce, per Fortune.

These robots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. According to Motion Control Tips, automated pizza machines push uncooked dough, sauce, and cheese under heating elements on rollers, while other companies found machines that can toss eggs or place toppings on top of buns. One firm even designed a device called Flippy, a burger-grilling robot that White Castle has already expressed interest in (via Fortune). While the burger-centric fast food empire has its eye on Flippy, one other brand also wants to use this particular technology in their restaurants and customers may start to see this robot in action very soon.

An automated fast food revolution

press release from Miso Robotics shared that the firm, which is responsible for creating Flippy, has teamed up with Jack in the Box to roll out a new line of Flippy 2 robots and the novel Sippy units. Jack in the Box saw a need to implement more automated labor into its restaurant model due to employee shortages and opted to strike a deal to test out new Flippy and Sippy models that rely on machine learning, artificial intelligence, computerized digital vision, and more to replace the traditional human worker.

The brand has decided to pilot the technology at a San Diego Jack in the Box location, but doesn't intend for the machines to completely replace their flesh and blood staff. Jack in the Box claims they want to automate the cooking and drink-dispensing process so employees have more face time with customers. Miso Robotics has embraced the challenge and seems proud to lead the charge when it comes to providing a reliable alternative to human labor. If the pilot results prove positive, you might just see more and more robots coming to your local Jack in the Box. For now, you need to make your way to San Diego if you want to see this automated kitchen staff in action.