The Eyebrow-Raising Smoothie Prank Kenny Smith Played On Shaquille O'Neal

Sports fans, you have been validated: According to Daniel Wann, a college professor whose research focuses on the psychology of being a sports lover (via CNBC), sports fandom is a "very psychologically healthy activity." Sports offer a wealth of insight into humanity, according to Delaware Gazette and Sporting News. In fact, the human side of sports-centric talk shows like "Inside the NBA," which delivers commentary on NBA games, players, and coaches, is what might draw many sports fans. According to Bro Bible, the humorous interactions between the hosts is a big part of what makes the show popular.

The show features Kenny Smith (aka "The Jet"), a former NBA point guard for the Houston Rockets and other teams, veteran sports commentator Ernie Johnson, and NBA greats Shaquille O'Neill and Charles Barkley. If viewers were hoping for some hilarious moments on the April 21 show, then surely no one was disappointed with the quartet's coverage of the NBA playoffs. During the episode, Smith played a prank on Shaq with a smoothie.

Shaquille O'Neal drank the prank smoothie

Of all the mistakes everyone makes when making smoothies, adding Metamucil or moisturizing body lotion is not one we'd heard of until now. Kenny Smith pranked Shaquille O'Neal by whipping him up a smoothie laden with generous helpings of Metamucil and Aveeno on TNT's "Inside the NBA." 

"Here is my secret recipe," Smith narrated as cameras cut to him prepping a shake for Shaq, whom Smith jokingly targeted for "always making fun of [him] about [his] veggie protein shakes" (via Twitter). Smith tossed spinach, ranch dressing, Coffee Mate, Pirates Booty, Canada Dry ginger ale, Metamucil fiber supplement, and Aveeno moisturizer into a high-speed blender along with a little ice.

Shaq put on his game face as he took his first taste. Then he smiled and told Smith, "This is nice. I taste cranberry and pineapple." Smith protested, "You weren't supposed to like it ... I thought you would smell it and you wouldn't drink it." Shaq then admitted he had actually tasted the Metamucil. Perhaps O'Neal was just humoring Smith by pretending to like his drink, in which case, he was actually giving Smith a metaphorical taste of his own medicine.