Checkers And Rally's Just Combined Your Two Favorite Desserts

Baked sweets are as American as apple pie, which is just one type of sweet that Americans like. According to, a 2021 study by Comax Flavors found that out of a sample of 1,200 U.S. adults, 58% like to have brownies at snack time. For some this treat may taste like nostalgia, conjuring memories of bake sales and birthday parties. Another beloved sweet is the cookie. In the Comax survey, 45% of participants named chocolate as their favorite cookie flavor. 

It might be hard to choose between these two dessert icons. But Checkers and Rally's new dessert aims to satisfy both cookie and brownie lovers at the same time. The chain has released its version of the brookie, which it recently showcased on Instagram. One customer said of the item, "Got this today. The magical thing about it, is it somehow doesn't taste like a Brownie or a Cookie..." What sorcery is this?

The launch includes a free brookie

You might not recall seeing many brownies or cookies on Checkers and Rally's menu. Its offerings include the Cheesecake Sundae and Classic Milkshakes, which come in the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, banana, and strawberry (via The chain also has Funnel Cake Fries (in addition to traditional fries and burgers). But now, it's also got the Chocolate Chip Brookie. The Fast Food Post, describes it as "a warm chocolate fudge brownie baked soft with caramel and milk chocolate chips on top of a chocolate chip cookie." It retails for about $2.29.

The brookie is more than just a cookie or a brownie. It has gained popularity as a dessert in its own right. In 2015, the co-founders of milk + brookies pitched the dessert on "Shark Tank" (via the Shark Tank Blog). A 2016 Medium article referred to it as "the most delicious dessert on Earth." And now, a version of it has arrived at Checkers and Rally's. To celebrate the release of this new product, the chain is giving its rewards members a free Chocolate Chip Brookie through May 1st or until supplies run out. They don't have to buy another item to use this offer.