Why Reddit Is Upset Over A Questionable Cut Of Steak

When it comes to picking a quality steak, you should first start by deciding what cut you want. According to the Chicago Steak Company, you could grab a T-bone steak for its range of flavor or a thick-cut porterhouse steak that shines when cooked in cast iron. In the opinion of some, a strip steak offers the best cooking versatility of any cut of beef, and yet there are those forever faithful to the tender filet mignon.

Once you decide on your cut, you need to take a look at the finer minutiae. Food Network reports that the steak's marbling and amount of fat distribution can determine flavor and quality, depending on the cut. If you intend to grill a piece of meat over an open fire, the thickness of the meat is key to how quickly the steak cooks. Thicker beef cuts can cook longer without drying out.

With all of these points in mind, anyone with a bit of know-how and experience can pick out a solid piece of meat to throw on the grill. If you're unsure, you can always head to the local butcher for a bit of advice and direction. which is what one Redditor did, only to find a piece of meat that didn't look quite right. They took to social media, we assume after the shock wore off, to show what the butcher dished out. The image appalled many fellow Redditors, who simply couldn't hold back their disgust.

Reddit's take on the strange steak

Many of those who engaged in the Reddit thread all came to the same conclusion — the butcher dished out a cut of meat that's torn apart, contains way too much fat, and certainly couldn't produce a solid flavor. One user noted that the original poster needs to find a new butcher, while another said that it looked like the butcher served up the poor cut of beef as a possible personal attack. 

When the OP asked if anyone knew what kind of cut the steak was, a handful of Redditors poured in to tell them they got scraps. Of course, of the current 602 comments, some had to find the humor in the situation. "Broccoli. This is broccoli," someone stated, as many others mentioned it resembles a certain female organ. Yikes. One simple comment summed up the sentiments of every user perfectly — "He made a misteak."

Some Redditors weren't surprised at this cut of steak at all, with one stating that it seemed perfect to throw in a stockpot. Foodiecrush claims that the best cuts for beef broth include chuck roasts, beef shanks, short ribs, and a variety of bones full of marrow. The piece of steak in question seems to lack the quality of all of the above, making it unfit even for a soup.