The Real Reason Dunkin' Doubles The Brew In Its Iced Coffee

Dunkin's iced coffee has a lot of backing behind it. It is one of the chain's most popular coffee drinks and can be customized in a variety of different ways.

Dunkin' lovers enjoy their chain's coffee because there are so many different options to enjoy it. Patrons can add cream, mocha, or even a blueberry shot to their coffee for a low costing additional fee, per FriedCoffee. But peeling back on all the added syrups and swirls, it is also extremely espresso-heavy. In fact, for every six ounces of water, Dunkin's iced coffee typically contains three tablespoons of coffee grinds — which is a great deal if a customer is paying under $2 for a small, according to Real Menu Prices.

In comparison, other coffee brands use two tablespoons for every six ounces of water, per Kings Coast Coffee. So why exactly does Dunkin' add a little extra brew into its coffees? Here's why.

Dunkin' wants to keep the espresso taste strong

Dunkin' actually has a blog post with instructions on how to recreate its coffee at home. The blog stated that because the ice added to cold espresso drinks dilutes the coffee, it is essential to double the beans. This allows for the rich, coffee flavor that fans love. In addition, there will be extra caffeine in a double brewed cup, allowing customers to get the most for the price that they pay, according to Roasty Coffee.

As previously stated, competing vendors don't even do this. Even Starbucks, a major competitor of Dunkin', only uses two tablespoons for every six ounces of water, which can be diluted again due to melting ice, per Consumer Reports.

This, combined with Dunkin's 100% ethically-sourced Arabica Beans, makes its coffee taste especially strong and flavorful. Thrillist even notes that Dunkin's iced coffee is standard for products all over — and given that there is a double brew in its formula, there's no question as to why this is the case.