Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Photobombed A Wedding

Celebrity chef, television personality, and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay took a cue from his own daughter and photobombed a random couple taking photos after their recent nuptials, reports Page Six. The elder Ramsay and his wife were famously photobombed by daughter Tilly while at the social event of the year, also known as Brooklyn Beckham's wedding to Nicola Peltz. Now it appears to be his turn.

The elder Ramsay was reportedly walking around at the Beverly Hills Hotel last week when he spied a group of people, including a pair of newlyweds, taking a photo to celebrate the occasion. Ramsay's head pops up at the rear middle of the photo making an excited face and the bride is so stunned that she actually turned around to stare at the celeb instead of facing forward like everyone else. No need to worry about the bride being peeved by the disturbance, though — the pics snapped afterward show her smiling delightedly and conversing with the chef. 

Other famous celebrity photobombers

Photobombing is a common prank in which a person or persons pop into the background of a photo at the very last second. When Tilly Ramsay did it, her parents Gordon and Tana Ramsay were posing for an otherwise standard couple shot at the Beckham-Peltz wedding but her goofy expression face turned it from boring to hilarious in a hurry (via Mirror). The "Hell's Kitchen" host and his family are not the only A-Listers ready to add a pop of unexpected joy to a photo, though.

It appears that many celebrities love to photobomb. Sometimes, they get in the background of random people's pics, but other times the phenomenon occurs at award shows and such. Even royalty gets in on the action from time to time, with Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth making unsolicited appearances in the background of other people's photos, per Marie Claire. Beyonce, George Clooney, and Rihanna are repeat photobombers! Tom Hanks seems to take a special joy out of photobombing and crashing weddings and has done so a number of times, per Global News. Just last month, he photobombed wedding pictures in Pittsburgh, where he is filming a movie. This isn't terribly surprising, because much like Ramsay, Hanks is known for having loads of personality.