The Truth About How Much Cream Dunkin' Puts In Your Coffee

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but that may not be the case when it comes to what goes into your cup of coffee. If you take a splash of cream in your morning joe, there's probably a specific shade of color you prefer your coveted coffee to be. This requires a proper pour of cream in the exact amount that you desire. But who has time to measure?

When you drink coffee creamer every day, it may be hard to go without, especially when relying on someone else to make your coffee. There's really no quantifiable way to ask for cream. Ordering your cup "light" may result in an overpour, and a splash or a dollop is hardly a measurement. If you request a specific shade of brown, it's possible you might receive a scornful look from your barista.

It's all about the color of the coffee once the cream goes in. The problem is that the only person who knows what's right is the person drinking the coffee. One Redditor posted a question about how much cream Dunkin' adds to their coffee, and the answer was more precise than the rogue pour that fills the cup.

Dunkin's perfect pour of cream

Dunkin' has its share of loyal patrons that purchase coffee on a daily basis. The chain's regular coffee — taken black or otherwise — was ranked first on our list of Dunkin' coffee drinks ranked worst to best. One Reddit user asked employees to reveal how much cream the donut chain puts in their cup of regular coffee, and the internet answered the call.

According to one Redditor, Dunkin' adds 46 grams of cream to a medium cup of coffee. The Reddit thread posited that this amount is the equivalent of "3 creams," each measuring 15 grams. The small gets two creams, which comes down to about 30 grams, and the large gets four creams or roughly, 60 grams.

Make no mistake, the cream is included in the total volume of the cup. Naturally, adding cream displaces some of the coffee, so you get slightly less caffeine.