Insomnia Cookies Wants To Give 2022 College Grads A Free 6-Pack

Shopping for a college graduate can feel overwhelming. The New York Times has a million general recommendations of what to give anyone who just finished college, including Blue Apron subscriptions, fancy luggage, an AeroPress coffee-making kit, or even a SodaStream. At the end of the day, these former students want the one thing everyone else does: free cookies.

Insomnia Cookies understands this want on a very deep level. The cookie company rolled out a contest back in 2019 that supplied one college student with a single cookie every day during their time in college, per Thrillist. The chain then decided that even more students needed to celebrate their education with some of their products. In 2021, Insomnia Cookies launched a promotion where graduates who brought in their cap or gowns could score a free cookie, no questions asked, or walk away with six free cookies if they bought anything in the store (via Bake Magazine). The good times haven't stopped, so, as graduation rolls around once again, Insomnia wants to celebrate students yet again with another big promotion.

How Insomnia Cookies is celebrating graduates this year

In a recent Instagram post, Insomnia Cookies showed off a box of their signature baked goods and announced that this year, the company plans to celebrate high school, college, and grad school graduates the only way they know how: with free cookies. Anyone who wants to grab this deal might have to put on a bit of a show, though. The graduates have to enter Insomnia Cookie locations wearing their caps and gowns between April 28 and June 29, spend $5 in the store, and, only then, walk away with half a dozen free cookies. If you feel more reserved, the chain promises that you can bring in your diploma, transcripts, or other proof that you just graduated, too.

Don't expect to grab too many free cookies either. Anyone who wants to score the deal can only take advantage of it once and has to mention the deal in the store in order to get the cookies. The terms don't lay out exactly what kinds of cookies you can get through the promotion, but with any luck, you might just get the chance to sample many of the flavors available at the store. While a meal kit subscription might be more practical, nothing makes graduating feel as fun as walking away with a box of free cookies. Now you can just eat and relax rather than having to search online for the best cookie recipes. You've earned it!