Would You Get A Tattoo For A Year's Worth Of IPA?

What would you do for a year of free beer? A Virginia-based brewery is offering up the ultimate prize for 100 of the most dedicated IPA fans. Devil's Backbone Brewing Company become an Anheuser-Busch-owned company in 2016, according to the company's website. Now the company is honoring its IPA fan base with an exciting competition, which will require fans to make a permanent life decision in the name of free booze.

An IPA is a hoppy beer with a greater percentage of alcohol content than regular pale ales, according to Summit Liquor. The most important thing to know about IPAs is that the focus in the brewing process is centered around the hops, pine-cone-shaped plants that infuse your beer with flavor. Not all IPAs are bitter, but they're widely known for their bite. Although IPAs have been around for a while, the proliferation of craft breweries over the last decade has caused an uptick in their popularity. If you enjoy drinking the beer variety, Devil's Backbone is offering a chance to win some by getting a tattoo.

The brewery giving away free booze for tattoos

Only the most diehard fans are eligible for a giveaway from Devil's Backbone Brewing Company. The Virginia-based beverage company is offering free beer for a year to the first 100 people to get IPA-themed artwork tattooed on their bodies and upload pictures of the tattoos to Instagram, Food and Wine reported. Devil's Backbone collaborated with TikTok-famous tattoo artist Jake Karamol to create three designs related to the brewery's Buck Tradition IPA series.

Contenders for the prize must document every part of their tattoo experience, including a photo of the finished tattoo, a photo of them getting the tattoo, and the signature of the tattoo artist. They must upload those items to Instagram. It's also important to note that not everyone is eligible: Residents of California, Texas, and Alabama do not qualify. Per the official rules, the winners will receive Devil's Backbone's definition of a year of free beer, which is a $480 gift card. That amounts to about $9 a day devoted to beer.