The Pizza Bites Brand Scarlett Johansson Can't Get Enough Of

Many Millennials and Gen Xers grew up with the taste of microwaved and baked frozen pizza bites. (Are you team Totino's Pizza Rolls or the Aldi brand of this beloved food?) A snack filled with nostalgia, adults today still have flashbacks of burnt mouths and ooey-gooey burning cheese and marinara sauce. And while we may remember these bites with a painful fondness, today's grown-up typically prefers a more health-focused snack. Scarlett Johansson is one such member of this generation and has fortunately found a pizza bite that harkens to childhood fun with a more mature health focus: Snow Days pizza bites.

"Eating the foods we love and love to share with our families doesn't have to make us feel bad physically or contribute to food guilt," the Black Widow actress told Austin's Culture Map. "I am so excited to partner with HumanCo and Snow Days to help bring this evolutionary comfort food to the table. HumanCo's commitment to wholesome deliciousness is one that I am proud to get behind and reflects my own interest in comprehensive well-being." Snow Days is managed by HumanCo, and Johansson has signed on to help provide creative direction.

Fans are loving this brand's pizza bites, too."So delicious! Now ... make them not limited! Also ... pepperoni flavor ever??" says one fan about the brand on Instagram. We can get behind a vote for pepperoni, of course. Eat This, Not That! recently named the brand at the top of its Best Healthy Frozen Foods in 2022 list. Fellow celebs have gotten on board as well, including Drew Barrymore, actor Patrick RennaYouTuber Tobias Young, and health influencer Liana Werner-Gray.

Snow Days is an Austin, Texas-based company that recently launched its brand in March 2021.

A health-forward pizza bite brand

Snow Days pizza bites look and cook similar to your traditional frozen snacks with a breaded, crispy outside and a melty filling inside. In appearance, these snacks differ slightly, using a more crescent pie shape than other square options. Details shared by Culture Map note that all the pizza bites use cassava flour and grass-fed cow mozzarella and feature "seven different fruits and veggies." 

Per a press release shared with Mashed, the products are "USDA organic, non-GMO, grain-free, certified gluten-free, and have no pesticides, fillers, or added sugars." Products are available in a limited number of local markets but can be ordered online in single orders, variety packs, or by subscription.

Flavors available include cheese pizza, veggie white, sausage, and buffalo chicken, as well as a limited-time taco pizza option. Cheese, sausage, and buffalo chicken are flavored much as expected for a pizza bite, while the taco pizza is described as "a cleaned up and convenient ode to Taco Bell's cult-favorite Mexican Pizza," and the veggie white has both mozzarella and ricotta cheeses with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, and roasted onions.

Naturally, fans are eating these up (pun intended). "I hope they make them in 100-counts soon!" a happy fan shared on the brand's website, for example. Now, Totino's has a healthier counterpart, and fans are a little closer to ScarJo.