Why DJ Khaled Is On A Quest For The Supposedly Elusive McDonald's Happy Meal

Though DJ Khaled might be best known for his music, he's also a family man. Khaled has two kids, Aalem and Asahd, who are age two and five, respectively.

On the star's Instagram, fans can see behind-the-scenes content of the star and his sons, which includes everything from their Facetime calls to gym sessions. Despite his busy schedule, Khaled is extremely close to his kids (via Parents.com). He makes sure to include in his daily routine, which consists of afterschool playtime and stories before bed.

Something else that Khaled shares with his kids is his love for food.

Khaled is quite the foodie, and even has his own chicken wing startup. But that doesn't mean that the star doesn't occasionally visit big chain restaurants, such as McDonald's, from time to time. Recently, the producer documented a family visit to the chain as he explained a unique predicament he had run into at the time.

He did it out of love for his son

In an Instagram video, DJ Khaled is behind the wheel at the drive-thru of a McDonald's location. In the back, his oldest son Asahd was strapped in.

The artist tagged his son in his post, which is captioned "@mcdonalds please we need more happy meals the kids want happy meals bless up and love @mcdonalds just want y'all to know thers no happy meals no where but the great people at this @mcdonalds got one for my son @asahdkhaled thank u."

The artist stated that he and his son had visited five McDonald's locations before this one, and all of them were out of Happy Meals. This location showed the pair some "love" — as Khaled puts it in his video — and finally granted the duo a Happy Meal. The ever-positive music mogul expressed his thanks to the drive-thru attendant, who is visible in the shot doing some filming of her own. Whether this Happy Meal shortage was just a one-day blip or yet another casualty of the supply chain remains to be seen.