The David Chang Post That Had Instagram Tearing Up

David Chang and his mom, Sherri Chang, were two peas in a pod. The Momofuku restaurant founder has always attributed his love for food and cooking to his parents, especially his mom. In a trailer for "Ugly Delicious" on the Netflix Family Facebook page, Chang explained that growing up his family expressed love through food. In fact, some of his happiest memories in life are the times he shared meals with his mom and grandmother. The first thing Chang's mom always asks him when he walks through the door? "What have you eaten? Have you had enough to eat?" For Chang, love and food will always be synonymous.

While his parents were his biggest supporters, they also were tough critics. In a guest appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the cookbook author said he calls his mom and dad "tiger parents" because they have no shortage of opinions (via YouTube). His father spent three decades working in the restaurant industry and his mom was the most amazing cook in Chang's eyes, and they weren't afraid to share their two cents. Sherri loved to tell her mini-me that his food had too much salt in it or how she would make the recipe better, while his dad offered business advice. On April 15, the chef shared some sad news on Instagram about his mom.

David Chang's mom battled cancer for 26 years

In December 2020, David Chang took to Instagram to wish his mother, Sherri Chang, a very happy birthday. The "Ugly Delicious" host also opened up about his mom's 25-year battle with cancer. Sherri was turning 74 years old and had just undergone surgery the week prior. The day before her birthday, she was receiving chemotherapy treatment so Chang and his family, including his son, Hugo, were unable to pay her a visit in person.

On April 15, Chang shared in a post with his followers that after fighting cancer for 26 years, his mother had died. He posted a lovely photo of him and his mom with a big smile on her face while out to eat. On behalf of his family, Chang thanked people for their love and support. He added that Sherri's legacy will continue to live on through her four children and six grandchildren. "Our relationship with her will continue to grow. We will carry on her love, strength and kindness," Chang wrote. His father also passed away from cancer on June 16, 2020 (via Twitter).